Statues & Figures

Statues and sculptures make great conversation pieces for your home. carries a great selection of unusual and unique items.

Our skulls, statues and sculptures are designed by the best hands in the business and make them the perfect choice for various uses.

Our knights, irrespective of their size, are made with the greatest detail possible and can be found mounted on horseback or standing on foot. There is also a classic Ascending Angel made of resin and finished in bronze.

Other collectibles are inspired by WWII, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Sitting Bull from 1880, and there are also some fabulous steampunk and fantasy products on offer. So, whether you are a die-hard collector or someone just looking to give their house a dash of class and eccentricity, we have items to satisfy your every fancy.

  • Honor and Courage Statue

    Unicorn Studio, Inc

    Honor and Courage Statue

    # 804528

    A magnificent tribute to the World War II Army Airborne veteran, this highly detailed statue is made of cold-cast resin, metalized with antique bronze finish.  This Honor and Courage Statue is a magnificent tribute to the World War II Army Airborne...
  • On The Move Statue

    Pacific Giftware

    On The Move Statue

    # 805273

    This modern soldier statue is extremely realistic, with accurately sculpted clothing, gear, and weapons. A frozen micro-second of combat permanently captured for your shelf or desk.  This "On The Move" statue is highly detailed. The modern soldier...
  • Teddy Roosevelt Bobblehead

    Royal Bobbles

    Teddy Roosevelt Bobblehead

    # 804004

    This bobblehead is made of resin and hand-painted to exacting standards. It's a fun way to bring history into the home. Includes collector box with important facts about his life and accomplishments. Bully for you if you get one!  In his 1904...
  • George Washington Bobblehead

    Royal Bobbles

    George Washington Bobblehead

    # 803717

    Have fun with history and one of the most iconic leaders our country has ever seen. This bobblehead is highly detailed, hand painted and made from poly resin for years of great looks. Includes a full-color collectors edition box with historical facts and...
  • Napoleon Bonaparte Statue

    Unicorn Studio, Inc

    Napoleon Bonaparte Statue

    # 805405

    This cold-cast bronze statue is taken from the famous painting "Bonaparte Crossing the Great St. Bernard Pass". It depicts Napoleon astride a rearing horse, his gloveless hand pointing to the unseen summit.  Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was one of...
  • Crowned Skull

    Pacific Giftware

    Crowned Skull

    # 804901

    This miniature resin skull has been painted to resemble real bone, while the crown has been finished in silver.  This beautiful miniature skull harkens back to the Shakespearian Tragedies and other lore of kings and queens. Made of resin, the skull...
  • Statue of Liberty Bobblehead

    Royal Bobbles

    Statue of Liberty Bobblehead

    # 805371

    Lady Liberty was given to the US as a gift by France to celebrate America's perseverance in freedom and democracy. This bobblehead is made of resin and hand-painted to exacting standards. Includes collector box with important historical facts about her...
  • Mini Metal Knight w/ Axe

    Unicorn Studio, Inc

    Mini Metal Knight w/ Axe

    # 804617

    This miniature statue of a medieval knight with an axe has an antique pewter finish. Measures 4” tall.  From the pages of the Canterbury tales comes this beautiful detailed miniature statue depicting an armored medieval knight with an axe. He stands...

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