Fixed Blades

A fixed blade knife, fixed knives, straight blade knife and straight knives, sometimes called sheath knives, do not fold or slide, and are usually stronger than folding knives due to the tang and lack of moving parts.

Knife blades can be made from a variety of materials. Carbon steel can be very sharp and hold its edge well, and remains easy to re-sharpen, but is vulnerable to rust and stains. Stainless steel may not able to take quite as sharp an edge as carbon steel, but is highly resistant to corrosion. High carbon, stainless steel is intended to incorporate the better attributes of both. Laminate blades use multiple metals to create layers, combining the attributes of both also. Pattern-welding layers different steel types to create patterns in the steel. Titanium has a better strength-to-weight ratio, is more wear resistant, and more flexible than steel, but less hard and unable to take as sharp an edge. Ceramic blades are hard, brittle, and lightweight: they can maintain a sharp edge for years with no maintenance, but are fragile. They are immune to common corrosion.

Handle material can also vary greatly and includes many types of wood, antler, bone, horn and synthetics like acrylic and G-10. Sheaths are usually Kydex or leather.

Fixed blades, fixed knives, straight blade knife, straight knives play a significant role in some cultures through ritual and superstition. Knife symbols can be found in various cultures and were included burial rites, so the dead would not be defenseless in the next world. A common belief is that if a knife is given as a gift, the relationship of the giver and recipient is severed. An item of value, as little as a penny, is exchanged for the gift, rendering "payment" thus completing the transaction and saving the relationship. 

There are many styles to choose from in this section and many uses including combat, camping, self defense, survival, hunting, diving, and bushcraft. It’s not unusual to have one around for EDC carry for utility purposes as well. Some of the most popular styles are the bowie, bayonet, machete, karambit, wakizashi and tanto.

  • Lord of the Rings Licensed Strider's Knife comes with a wood wall display and certificate of authenticity

    United Cutlery

    Elven Knife of Strider

    # 404817

    Strider, also known as Aragorn, served as a Ranger of the North. He was the son of Arathorn, and heir to the Kingdom of Gondor. In The Lord of the Rings hit movie trilogy, Strider joined the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring that...
  • Frontier Canoe Knife handmade in the USA has a drop point, full tang blade, American Curly Maple scales

    River Traders

    Frontier Canoe Knife

    # 404814

    Handmade in the USA by River Traders. Beautifully coal fired, full tang blade is thin for efficient slicing and features a Mediterranean notch which aids while tying fishing line and actually can be used to strip sinew. This medium length drop point is...
  • Cold Steel Roach-Bellied pocket knife has German 4116 Stainless steel blade, weatherproof polymer handle

    Cold Steel

    Roach Belly Knife

    # 403321

    Historically, the Roach-Bellied knife was a short blade with a pronounced upswept curve and a sharp point that saw popularity in 17th-century Britain and the American Colonies. It was most likely named after the common Roach Fish, which had a similarly...
  • Rite Edge Rough Forged Ring Seax

    Rite Edge

    Rough Forged Ring Seax

    # 404748

    Uniquely modern and primitive all at the same time! The blade, of course, hearkens back to the famous Viking Seax, a design used for everyday needs as well as warfare. The ringed pommel is inspired by the modern Karambit. The blade also features a rough...
  • Roper Zebrawood Bird and Trout Knife

    Roper Knives

    Roper Zebrawood Bird and Trout Knife

    # 404799

    A classic knife pattern with beautiful Zebrawood scales. Stainless steel blade. Grip has red, steel, and black spacers, like the old days. 6-7/8” overall, 3-3/8” blade. Top grain leather belt sheath. Overall: 6-7/8" Blade: 3-3/8" View...
  • Brass Studded Bowie

    Rite Edge

    Brass Studded Bowie

    # 404757

    How about a bowie with some old world pizazz? The blade is a familiar, highly useful clip point design. The ornate hilt would look right at home on a ancient royal’s treasured sword or side dagger. Sold brass hardware adorns the carved hardwood...
  • Rough Forged Chopping Bowie

    Rite Edge

    Rough Forged Chopping Bowie

    # 404756

    This unique knife cuts and thrusts with the best of them, but the thick blade gives it enough heft to do some serious chopping. The modified clip point bowie blade has a rough forged finish and an upswept spine with a generously long (4-5/8”)...
  • Rite Edge Damascus Tanto

    Rite Edge

    Damascus Tanto

    # 404755

    A cool, damascus Tanto that doubles as a short machete/wilderness knife. The blade has wedge shaped tip for thrusting power and a finger cut-out at the ricasso if want to use a choked-up grip. The handle scales are made of Micarta, which is impervious...

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