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Complete your prized original with rare surplus and functional replicas that are made from them.

  • Death's Head Flintlock Pistol

    Death's Head Flintlock Pistol

    # 804450

    This sleek non-firing replica has ornate antique grey filigree etching on the barrel, firing mechanism and pistol guard, while the butt plate is an exquisite relief of the skull and crossbones.  This sleek non-firing replica from Denix is the...
  • Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol


    Pirate Blunderbuss Pistol

    # 804449

    This replica blunderbuss pistol features an antiqued silver/pewter finish over its cast metal parts and real wood stock. Trigger and flintlock mechanism move, but are non-firing.  This distinctive blunderbuss pistol would have seen use around 1800...
  • Napoleonic Double Barrel Flintlock


    Napoleonic Double Barrel Flintlock

    # 804234

    Replica of the 1806 Gribeauval is hand-carved, real wood stock and solid, cast metal parts. This massive double barrel flintlock is a must for collectors.  This is an exact replica of the intimidating 1806 Gribeauval from Napoleon’s private...
  • Napoleon Flintlock Rifle


    Napoleon Flintlock Rifle

    # 803560

    This non firing replica has a highly sculpted wooden stock with intricate cast metal accents. Moving parts and a trigger that pulls.  A flintlock fit for an emperor. Napoleon was a brilliant general and knew his weapons. Highly sculpted wooden stock...
  • Napoleon Flintlock Pistol


    Napoleon Flintlock Pistol

    # 803530

    A non-firing replica of Napoleons' personal flintlock pistol. It is 14 inches long with a 7-3/8 inch long barrel.  Napoleon's personal flintlock pistol was made in 1806 by Jean-Baptiste Gribeauval of St. Etienne and is preserved in a French museum...
  • Military Flintlock Pistol


    Military Flintlock Pistol

    # 802088

    This classic Kentucky Flintlock is a robust replica of pistols used by military, law enforcement, pirates and civilians during the late 1700’s to early 1800’s.  This classic Kentucky Flintlock is a robust replica of pistols used by the military, law...
  • Brown Bess Leather Waist Belt With Bayonet Frog

    Windlass Steelcrafts

    Brown Bess Leather Waist Belt With Bayonet Frog

    # 802276

    This replica belt holster fits Brown Bess and similar muskets. Made up of top-grain black leather, it has a brass buckle and fits waists up to 52". Like the originals, it has a sewn-in bayonet frog and there are no holes for the buckle. You can create a...

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