Brown Bess Leather Waist Belt With Bayonet Frog

Windlass Steelcrafts

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This replica belt holster fits Brown Bess and similar muskets. Made up of top-grain black leather, it has a brass buckle and fits waists up to 52". Like the originals, it has a sewn-in bayonet frog and there are no holes for the buckle. You can create a custom fit by adding your own with an awl or similar tool.
This is a high-quality reproduction of a typical accouterment used with Brown Bess and similar muskets. Made from top-grain black leather with a brass belt buckle, it is 1-3/4" wide and fits waists up to 52". In keeping with the spirit of the originals, there are no belt buckle holes. It’s up to the user to customize the fit of the belt by using an awl or similar tool to make the belt buckle holes. The belt features a sewn-in bayonet frog. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.