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Windlass Steelcrafts

Windlass Steelcrafts Corporation has been manufacturing high-quality weapons and handicrafts since its inception in 1943. Its founder, Mr. V. P. Windlass set up this manufacturing plant in India to supply the British Gurkha regiments with Kukris, their main sidearm weapon.

Through some key partnerships, we started exporting to the United States and Western Europe in 1979 and since then, we have outfitted many armies of the world, provided props to the biggest Hollywood productions, designed and manufactured some amazing licensed replicas for many top collectible companies and have continued to create products that are both fully functional weapons and works of art.

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British East India Company Model F Musket Bayonet

This is a replica of a bayonet carried by the Sepoy Infantry in both the Indian Sikh Wars, of 1845/6 and 1848/9 and later in the Great Sepoy Rebellion (Indian Mutiny of 1857-58). The socket is specially designed to encircle the Model "F" bayonet stud catch under the barrel.

British P-1842 Socket Bayonet (For Use With Lovell Catch)

This bayonet was introduced in 1842 because of soldiers’ complaints that the previously issued standard Hanovarian catch bayonet was shaking loose under fire - vibration caused the bayonet's rear rim to jump out of the "S" shaped spring catch. No less than the Duke of Wellington got involved and suggested the addition of a socket ring.

Windlass British 1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Saber w/ Steel Scabbard

This exact replica of an original antique weighs only 1 lb, 12 oz, and the blade features an extreme distal taper, enabling it to feel exceptionally lively. A full 5/8" thick at the hilt, and tapers to a super thin 1/64", 1" from the tip. The blade is hand forged from tough 1080 high carbon steel and spring tempered and arrives fully sharpened. The hilt replicates the originals, with a 5/8" wide knuckle guard, steel spine, and contoured, ribbed leather grip. Complete with accurately reproduced steel scabbard.


Asgard Creations Axe & Knife Boxed Set

Here's a gorgeous set of "belt tools" inspired by Norse mythology, attractively stored in an "Asgard Creations" gift/display box.

Primitive Hickory Tire Thumper

Tire thumpers are used by truck drivers worldwide to check the inflation on their vehicle's tires.

1830s Peace Pipe Tomahawk

This reproduction of a historical tomahawk pipe features brass bands and a long brass tip on the hardwood handle.

Frontier Tomahawk Pipe

This reproduction of a historical tomahawk pipe has a handle uniquely wrapped with spiked brass bands.

Plains Tomahawk Pipe

This reproduction of a historical tomahawk pipe displays one of the more elaborately carved handles we've seen.