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Daggers & Stilettos

Daggers are most likely the predecessor to the sword. Historically they were usually double edged and used to deliver quick, lethal strokes. Their small size made it perfect for those more nefarious types. Stilettos, from the Latin stilus for stake, were used more for stabbing rather than cutting. The long narrow blade tapers to a point. carries a wide assortment of quality daggers.

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British WWI Robbins of Dudley Push Dagger

These WWI, close quarters fighting knives were designed for stabbing from behind with a natural movement with the high carbon steel blade held horizontal to the ground. Includes standard top-grain leather scabbard sewn with waxed linen thread and brass hardware.

Crecy War Dagger

The Windlass Battlecry double edged Crecy War Dagger has a battle-hardened blue patina and peened full tang. The 1065 high carbon steel is tempered to a low 50s RC. Overall 15 inches.
$94.95 $150.00

German WWII 2nd Model Naval Dagger

This dagger features intricate brass work and includes dagger knot. The faux ivory grip has a brass wire wrap. Includes a brass sheath. Overall: 15-1/8 inches.

German WWII Youth Dagger with Metal Scabbard

This dagger is made of steel with engraved blade and synthetic scales with embedded emblem. Comes with a metal scabbard with leather belt loop. Overall: 9-3/4 inches

United Cutlery M48 Highland Sgian Dubh

This sleek and modern version of the traditional Scottish dagger features a 2Cr13 stainless steel blade with a nonreflective black oxide coating and a chic satin surface grind. Accented with three through-holes. The handle is black TPR. Overall: 9-5/8 inches

US WWII Fighting Knife

This fighting knife has hardwood handle, steel parts and high carbon steel blade with full tang. Double-edged. Overall: 15-1/4’’.

Damascus Dragon’s Tooth Dagger

This wide, sharpened Damascus blade has a triangular bevel with a wooden handle that is Inlaid with ornate brass filigree. Includes a leather belt sheath with secure snap.

DRK WWII Officer’s Dagger

Also known as a Red Cross Leader Hewer, this museum quality dagger features a steel nickel-plated blade and silver/red embroidered dagger knot.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: 1917 US Trench Knife

I am very pleased with the quality. Great attention to detail. I bought it for the history behind it for my collection and was not disappointed.
Reviewed by: don, April 19, 2018

Review of: WWI Belgian Trench Knife

This is a very attractive dagger with all metal parts having a bronze finish. The blade is not sharp but should sharpen easily. The sheath is all metal and very heavy duty. It does not hold the as blade as securely as I would like but a piece of leather glued inside the throat would solve that problem. The dark hardwood handle is attached to the tang with a pin and should hold up very well. In my opinion this one of these best daggers I have purchased from Atlanta Cutlery.
Reviewed by: Guest, November 28, 2017

Review of: Damascus Dragon’s Tooth Dagger

This Damascus Dragon's Tooth Dagger is absolutely the finest Damascus dagger I have ever seen. The craftsmanship is through the roof, the brass and polished steel guard and the two collars are beautifully done. But the twisted wood handle is absolutely magnificent. The triangular, spear point blade is incredible in it's craftsmanship. Thank you good people of Windlass Steel Crafts. And thank you friends at Atlanta cutlery.
Reviewed by: Daniel, October 31, 2017

Review of: Dark Elf Dagger

The Dark Elf Dagger is absolutely beautiful, The long slender sexy blade is of an excellent design, the all metal hilt fits well in the hand, and the hilt and blade together make for an amazing knife. The Scabbard is also a work of beautiful craftsmanship, made of strong wood and wrapped with real leather, the brass accents at the mouth, and tip of the scabbard are a nice touch. Overall this is one amazing and beautifully made knife. I have a large collection of knives, all my favorites are from Windlass Steel Crafts.Thank you Windlass Steel Crafts, and Atlanta Cutlery Corp. I recommend this knife.
Reviewed by: Daniel, October 31, 2017

Review of: British WWI Robbins of Dudley Fighting Knife

I really like the Robbins Dudley push dagger that I bought first, but I love this dagger. It's beautiful, and rounds out the set. The old OSS weapons had so much more character  than most of the modern stuff. These are pretty faithful. I'm glad you carry them. Thanks, Al.
Reviewed by: Albert, June 26, 2017

Review of: 1917 US Trench Knife

Very close to the original and great for reenactments.
Reviewed by: , June 26, 2017

Review of: 1917 US Trench Knife

it arrived in the mail today and a very good reproduction, all the handle parts fit tight.  I just wish I would have been able to request blood grooves on all three sides in case I ever get an urge to sharpen this one.
Reviewed by: , June 21, 2017

Review of: Fairbairn Sykes Commando Knife

Very well balanced. I liked it so much I bought another.
Reviewed by: Larry, May 20, 2017

Review of: Italian Officer’s Dagger

Its Nice but the side blades are not high enough. still a nice reproduction.
I wanted this because my dad had one and it diapered. thanks
Reviewed by: Rick, May 08, 2017

Review of: SOE Boot Dagger

Heavy but easy to handle. Awesome. You need one. Maybe two.
Reviewed by: Albert, April 14, 2017