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1918 US Knuckle Duster Trench Knife


Replica high carbon steel Knife with Knuckle Duster grip, steel pyramid skull crusher pommel and WW1 period-correct steel sheath with markings.
Reserve now and allow at least 4 weeks for delivery. Cannot be reserved for international shipping


This replica 1918 US Knuckle Duster Trench Knife is one devastating tool. Originally manufactured for US forces in WWI by LF&C, some were used through WWII. We’ve replicated this directly from an original with a blued, high carbon steel blade, cast brass knuckle duster grip which has been antiqued to a dark finish and a steel pyramid skull crusher pommel. Complete with WWI era markings and a period correct steel sheath with period markings.

This is not a cheap copy and makes a terrific addition to any knife collection.

Cannot ship to CA, DE, MA, NY or Canada. 
Cannot use Paypal as a payment option. 


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length11-1/2"
Blade Length 6"
Blade Width15/16"
Blade Thickness3/16"
Weight1 lb
SheathSteel with Markings
Edge Unsharpened


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Write a Review
Great product
- Donavon, June 15, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Impressive and they ship to many states!
First i have to say i rarely write reviews so here it goes.

This is a damn impressive weapon. even though it comes sharpened it is still deadly without a doubt. the quality is extremely high and the "bluing" or blacking inst quite as black as it looks in the photos but i think it actually looks fantastic,. exactly like the real thing! you can barely tell the difference between this one and a real one that my friend owns that cost over 1200$! it looks so real and if it was sharpened it would be a true battle ready weapon. not much more to ask for except to make a custom leather sheath. the handle is hefty and real brass. the lettering is engraved properly and accurately. this truly is worth the high price. And they actually know the law when it comes to where to ship to and unlike some other website that told me no even though it was clearly legal in my state!
- Eric, June 07, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Great knife.. quality and workmanship is awesome.. this knife is not a knife that you coddle.. it is a knife you want go to war with.
- David, January 02, 2020
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Excellant workmanship, totally satisfied. does not matter that it did not come sharp, I plan on sharpening it to my satisfaction.  Great customer service... speedy delivery. if you are into pretty don"t bother.. this a combat capable weapon and not a trophy to be taken out of a safe to play show and tell. this is the real deal.
- David, December 24, 2019
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New Truck Knife
I bought this to keep in my truck for self defense, couldn't be happier! Extremely sturdy, fits perfectly in my hand, and the scabbard is nice and snug. I'll have to clean the cosmoline  off and sharpen it. Thankfully my grandfather has a few tips and tricks to do both.
- Ryan, November 12, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Best replica
I have a original 1918 trench knife and it cost plenty!
Over $550 dollars!

This replica by Atlanta Cutlery is they best you can find on the market!
Blade can be sharpened if needed and for resonators it can be made so authentic you never know the difference , and at the price you can't go wrong!
Buy this for the looks and originality!
Better than those junk ones on the market!
Atlanta Cutlery made a outstanding product here, it a home run!
On this one!
I'm buying another for a gift to a buddy of mine!
- Gary, September 04, 2019
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New customer
Great knife, as advertised I especially like the solid brass handle and knuckle duster!!
- Terrence, July 30, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Blade up date
These blade's do hold a takes awhile to sharpen,but once their sharpened it will cut through a 1" piece of rope with 1 sweep..I am a former Marine,Viet Nam Vet
- Jack, April 04, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Trench knife
I just got the 1918 trench knife in the mail,it has good weight to it,
- Jack, March 27, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Recently purchased
The 1918 as well as the Trench Mace
I could not be more pleased for the price
I think the trench knife is about as close as one can get to an original . I read some prior reviews about the blade
Not being sharp but The team delivered the product as is was meant to be
Not for slicing .. chopping ect
Multi purpose defensive trench weapon . The Trench Mace as well is not pretty but  I fully appreciate the attention to detail in these pieces

Completely blown away by the  craftsmanship and quality of these weapons
I will spread the word about your company and superior products
- Darren, January 26, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Knife arrived within 2 days.Excellent craftsmanship and this knife has the weight and feel of the original.Great repro.
- Keith, November 30, 2018
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Difficult to rate
Although many edged weapon owners would understand, perhaps, that a factory edge means dull as a butter knife, evidently Atlanta Cutlery does not. Prior to ordering, I called ACC regarding the edge of this and the 1917 US Trench Knives. The cust serv rep stated that factory edge for the 18 wasn't like a butter knife but not the edge that is sharpened on-site.

I received the dull as a butter knife item. Though it appears to be a solid knife, in addition to its dullness, it has a noticeable patch of blue-green oxidation(index finger end) on the inside of the hilt not removable by fingernail/thumb/fingertip. For as much cosmolene that was on the blade, scabbard, and part of the hilt, it will need cleaning along with sharpening.

I have had few experiences like this with ACC or MR, but I'd suggest a few changes:
1.check for oxidation
2.provude a working tracking link, whether all order items are available or not and two calls to cust serv are two too many for that
3. order placement and stock update needs to be faster--at time of order there were two 18s available; there ended up being none and a backorder

Due to where I live and the work schedule I have, I would be pointless to return the item. However, the purchase hasn't been AAC/MR'S usually nearly flawless kind.
- Todd, October 04, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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Thank you very much for your review, although we do apologize for some of the issues you had with your order. For legal reasons we are not allowed to ship sharpened double edges to many states, so it does come with a factory edge. The coating you mentioned is intended to prevent rusting and oxidation, although unfortunately it is not always 100% effective. Each hand crafted metal piece we make is shipped with this coating specifically to reduce the chances of tarnishing during shipping and storage.  We do appreciate your other feedback on the process as we are always looking for ways to improve our service!
- ACC Team
Ok, but with flaws
Appeared to be a good knife, but not perfect. The blade was not sharpened and rattled around in the scabbard noisily. I expect a combat knife to be sharp and capable of being carried quietly. I I were issued this and ordered out on a trench raid I would leave it behind. To expensive for an unsharpened knife with an ill fitting scabbard. Returned it.
- Mark, October 04, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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Thank you very much for your review. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we are not allowed to ship a sharpened double edged blade to many states in the US. Even without the edge, each piece is hand crafted and battle ready. As it is high carbon steel, it is perfectly capable of taking and holding an edge. As we do with all our historical sabers, we designed this is as a usable, museum-quality replica. The original pieces we based our model off of had some rattling as well. It is a not uncommon side effect of having a metal blade with a metal scabbard. We are sorry you were ultimately disappointed with it enough to return it, but we hope this has cleared up some questions surrounding the item.
- ACC Team
I wish the blade I got was like the one pictured .The one I got was thinner and lighter looking than the one advertised.In my opinion it was made of carbon/ stainless mix as it will not take an edge. I was not surprised that it was a cheep knock off just disappointed.
- David, October 03, 2018
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Thank you for your review. Each piece is individually handcrafted by our blacksmiths and comes with slight variations. We apologize for the misunderstanding about the color. The blade and brass guard have both been antiqued and darkened, although they are not jet black. The blade itself is made of high carbon steel and is fully capable of taking an edge; however, as it is a thicker metal a grinder is generally required for the first sharpening. We stand behind our product 100% and believe that we have made an authentic replica with high quality materials.
- ACC Team
Wonderful weapon.
Received this item yesterday and was very pleased with it.  You can tell its a quality product as its nice and solid.  It doesn't rattle like the cheap imitations do.  It fit my hand like a glove and is a nasty piece of work for close in action.
- James, September 02, 2018
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