French 1st Empire Cuirass

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The cuirass of the oldest armored regiment of the French army! It was worn by French Cuirassiers as they fought with Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus against the Habsburg empire during the Thirty Years War. Consisting of a breastplate and a backplate, the Medieval-style Cuirass gave ample protection against the swordplay utilized by Cuirassier Cavalry, while allowing freedom of movement for the arms.


Despite the waning effectiveness of plate armor against the increasing proficiency of firearms, the French cavalry in Napoleon’s army still wore cuirasses, with mixed success. They were mildly useful for deflecting long-range musket and pistol fire (we emphasize “mildly”), but when combined with an ornate, gorgon-headed helmet that featured plumes and horse-tail hair, the Cuirassier’s battle dress created quite an imposing figure as he charged into the fray. Surviving accounts from British opponents attest to the petrifying spectacle of compact groups of Cuirassiers emerging from behind the French front lines.


This superb replica of a 1st Empire Cuirass (1804-1814, the Napoleonic era) is hand-made in 18 gauge steel and is fully wearable. The linen liner is mildly padded with red felt. Leather shoulder straps are “armored” with brass scales. Includes a FREE display stand (3 pieces, requires assembly). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.


Overall Height 20"
Width 15-1/2"
Depth 12"
Weight 10 lbs
Display Stand Included