Green Mountain Boys Flag

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One of the most well-known flags from the Revolutionary War era, this replica is made of polyester with metal grommets. Measures 3' x 5'.

One of the most famous Revolutionary War era militia groups was the Green Mountain Boys. Formed before the Revolutionary War in 1760's, the Green Mountain Boys were a group of men from the colonial New Hampshire Grants territory, an area between the colonies of New Hampshire and New York that eventually became the State of Vermont.

Led by Ethan Allen and members of his family, they were originally formed to prevent New York authorities from controlling their land. Later they were instrumental in victories against the British during the American Revolution. They captured Fort Ticonderoga from a small garrison of British soldiers and fought in the Battle of Bennington, the Battle of Hubbardton and in an invasion of Quebec.

This green on this flag was a symbol of Vermont’s green mountains and the 13 stars represent the 13 colonies. The original flag was flown during the Battle of Bennington, when the Green Mountain Boys, under the command of General John Stark, defeated a group of Hessians in 1776. Remnants of that flag still exist and are displayed at the Bennington Historical Museum. The Green Mountain Boys still exist today in the form of Vermont’s National Guard.

Polyester with metal grommets. Measures 3' x 5'.