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Throwing Weapons

Throwing weapons have been around for centuries. Often they had dual uses, helping with everyday needs as well as being a projectile weapon. At Atlanta Cutlery you'll find axes, tomahawks, spears, and knives for tactical use, survival needs, camping, everyday use, or just plain fun.

Throwing Knives

Knife throwing is an inexpensive, fun game that almost anyone can participate in. It's a challenge that never gets boring. Whether you throw for sport or fun, you'll find an assortment of well balanced throwing knives at Atlanta Cutlery.

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Spears and Polearms

Before there were guns, there were spears and polearms. These close combat weapons were typically fitted to the end of a long wooden shaft, extending the fighters range. Often, the warrior would carry several spears so that they would have a few to throw and at least one to hold in hand combat.

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Tomahawks, Axes and Hammers

Throughout history, tomahawks and axes have been important tools for survival. Built for chopping, as well as cutting, they were even seen on the battlefield. We have a large selection of tactical and survival tomahawks, axes, and hammers. Many are balanced for throwing and can be used for competition or just for fun.

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Replacement Handles

Find finished and unfinished wood handle replacements for axes and tomahawks.

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