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This Cold Steel Bowie Machete is quick, fast, and lively in the hand, making it an outstanding slashing blade and admirable chopper. Its best attribute may be its clipped point, which makes it an excellent piercing tool. A useful compromise that will lend itself to knife-like utility when a smaller blade is unavailable. Features a tough baked on, matte black rust resistant coating over the 1055 high carbon steel and equipped with a sturdy Core-Ex sheath, you will be proud to add this to your collection. Cannot use Paypal as payment option.
  • Overall: 17-5/8"
  • Blade: 12"
  • Wt: 14.3 oz
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Write a Review
Write a Review
This is a brush knife - something between a knife and a machete - and it works well for that purpose.  If you are looking for a solid Bowie knife with a 12" blade, look at something else.  As a knife, it is not up to Cold Steel's usual standards.  This is a thin blade with a bit of flex.  It is not as sturdy as a true large knife.  The blade has a very rough finish, and the black coating wears off easily.  The false edge at the top of the clip point is sharp, and a better edge can be put on that part of the blade with a good sharpening stone.  This is a nice touch in a brush knife.  The blade has a much sharper cutting edge than do most machetes.  It works very well for hacking through dense brush, and the grip fits securely in the hand.  It makes for a good all-purpose chopper, and it is easily resharpened.
- Kevin, April 01, 2014 | Verified Purchase
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