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Denix is the leading manufacturer of high quality replica weapons, making safe and reliable non firing rifles, pistols and guns. Made in Spain.
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C96 Mauser Replica

This pistol is an exacting replica of the semi-auto pistol made from cast metal and real wood, you'd swear it's the real thing.

US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica

This non firing replica M3 submachine gun has metal construction, features a telescoping stock like the original and a removable magazine.

18th Century Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol Replica

This Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol was introduced in the early 17th century. Our non firing replica has working metal parts and the four barrels can be rotated.

18th Century Three Barrel Flintlock Pistol Replica

This non-firing flintlock pistol from Denix has working metal parts and the three barrels can be rotated.

Tanegashima Long Gun

This non firing Long Tanegashima Gun is a highly decorated Japanese matchlock replica from the mid 1500's. Often employed by the Samurai class and their foot soldiers, they marked an important advancement in warfare and were instrumental in changing how tactics during war played out.

Tanegashima Short Gun

This non firing replica Tanegashima Matchlock Short Gun has a hand stained solid wood stock with a 6 sided barrel. The intricate matchlock mechanism moves and the metal parts are cast alloy with a steel or brass finish.


This non firing flintlock firearm is made of cast metal parts. 26" overall, just over 3 pounds.

Old West Repeating Rifle

This revolutionary rifle features working lever action, metal butt plate, genuine wood stock, brass finish and gun blue parts.