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"Guns of the Gurkhas" Laminated Hardcover Book



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This hardcover 128 page book is an of analysis of the Treasure Trove of Antique Arms discovered in the Royal Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Kathmandu, Nepal, many of which were used in the American Civil War. From the flintlock musket to Lee-Enfield, the Brunswick, Gurkha percussion Enfield, Sharps, Snider, Bira volley gun, Martini, Gahendra, Lee-Metford, SMLE Mk III, SMLE Mk III, Vickers, Lewis & Sten. Nepalese manufacture as well as British imports are described along with their bayonets & accessories. Wipe clean, colorful laminated hardcover.  11-1/2" x 8".  Also available with authors signature.


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