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Home Décor & Accessories carries great accessories to decorate your home and add that personal touch.

Let history and fantasy add a special touch to your home and office decor, a rare-to-find selection of home decor and accessories from Atlanta Cutlery.

Wall plaque, vintage floor lamps, period oil lamps, trinket boxes, candle holders, and more, you have an impressive collection of home decor pieces to choose from. Explore our collection now!

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Marine Nutcracker

This Marine in his dress blues stands at attention holding an American flag. Wood construction, this nutcracker has faux fur hair and beard. His parade cap displays the USMC emblem. Always faithful.

Candy Cane King Nutcracker

What’s it like being the king of the candy kingdom?? SWEEEET, of course! Just the sight of this collectible nutcracker is enough to cause visions of sugar plums and chocolate rivers. Representing peppermint aristocracy at its finest, this red and white royal is topped with a crown jewel, a simulated ruby. His staff is a candy cane, of course, and he holds a sign that points to where the treasure is. Wooden construction.

Johnny Pirate Nutcracker

Johnny Pirate is a dapper scalawag with a couple of unique touches - a couple of rows of hair beads and frilly shirt cuffs. This holiday nutcracker is wood construction with faux fur hair and beard. Of course, it’s completely armed with a rapier and pistol.

Pirate Captain Hook Nutcracker

Here’s the finest pirate of all - the captain! This collectible pirate nutcracker is royally garbed in a full-length captain’s coat, replete with shoulder boards. Wood construction with faux fur hair and a beard, he wields a cutlass in his right hand and has a hook for his left. Real brass chains adorn the tricorn hat.

Pirate with Parrot Nutcracker

Here’s a collectible pirate nutcracker with stories to tell! Bedecked in pirate finery, with an eyepatch and a hook, and includes his parrot, which could probably tell a few tales of its own. Wood construction with faux fur hair and beard. Complete with a wood pistol and a treasure chest. Real brass chains adorn the tricorn hat.

Lion Hearted Knight Nutcracker

It takes a courageous soul to handle all the nuts out there, and this wooden knight fits the bill. This decorative nutcracker is holding a shield with a rampant red lion and a lance. He has a faux fur beard and is decked out in shining silver.

Viking Nutcracker

Björn will wreak havoc on the uncooperative nuts around your house. This decorative wooden Viking Nutcracker is complete with a horned helmet, war axe, and shield, and is lavishly adorned for winter with faux fur.

Peg Leg Pirate Nutcracker

This brightly attired wooden pirate nutcracker holds a jolly roger flag and a cutlass. He has a cloth bandana and sash, and of course, a peg leg. Completed with faux fur hair and a beard.

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Review of: Forged Iron Candle Holder

Nothing to break on this item, no worries about dead batteries, and you can tell when you need to replace the light source!  It's really well built and sits flat, no wobble.  The candle spike is long so no danger of the candle falling off.  The feet are spiked so be careful setting it on fine furniture or glass.
Reviewed by: KURT, May 23, 2020