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Home Décor & Accessories carries great accessories to decorate your home and add that personal touch.

Let history and fantasy add a special touch to your home and office decor, a rare-to-find selection of home decor and accessories from Atlanta Cutlery.

Wall plaque, vintage floor lamps, period oil lamps, trinket boxes, candle holders, and more, you have an impressive collection of home decor pieces to choose from. Explore our collection now!

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Pirate Captain Hook Nutcracker

Here’s the finest pirate of all - the captain! This collectible pirate nutcracker is royally garbed in a full-length captain’s coat, replete with shoulder boards. Wood construction with faux fur hair and a beard, he wields a cutlass in his right hand and has a hook for his left. Real brass chains adorn the tricorn hat.

Wizard Nutcracker

Let this wizard nutcracker lend his magic touch. He is hand-crafted in wood with faux fur trim and hair, and a cotton twill hat. A highly detailed white owl sits on his left hand, and a white tree completes the starry night theme of the wizard’s robe.

WWII Warbirds Ornaments Set of 3

This set of three legendary WWII warplanes can hang anywhere you like. Included is a B-25 bomber (which actually looks season appropriate with its snowy blue and white color scheme and peppermint striped tail sections), a Mustang, and a Corsair. Made of resin and hand-painted.

Western Saddle Ornament

Cowboys and Cowgirls, hang this saddle on your cactus, er, Christmas Tree this year. Hand-painted resin is detailed with “tooled” patterns and has real leather accents and a leather hanger.

Armed Bear Ornament

This whimsical ornament reminds us that we must defend our right to arm bears. Nattily attired in a red hat and green vest, this black bear has figured out the easy way to hunt for dinner. Perfect for hunters or animal lovers.

Winchester Cast Iron Bank

This nostalgic little bank looks and feels like somebody just dug it up from a stagecoach find. Thick cast iron weighs over a pound and has been given a rusty, antique patina.

Smokey Bear Cast Iron Bank

This throw-back collectible weighs over 2 lbs. and depicts Smokey in his famous, classic “only YOU can prevent forest fires” finger-pointing pose. Hand painted and given a slightly distressed finish and looks like it was just found in a grandparent’s attic

Forged Iron Candle Holder

Made of strong wrought iron, this multi-functional holder can be either carried by its decorative twisted iron handle or places on any flat surface on its strong sturdy feet. It has been forged-blackened to give it an authentic look.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: US Navy Commemorative Wall Plaque

Too bad they used the crossed anchor instead of single horizonal anchor.  This is for commissioned officers, not the general enlisted population.  Being a senior NCO it would not be proper for be to buy this one.
Reviewed by: Rich, December 10, 2021

Review of: Forged Iron Candle Holder

Nothing to break on this item, no worries about dead batteries, and you can tell when you need to replace the light source!  It's really well built and sits flat, no wobble.  The candle spike is long so no danger of the candle falling off.  The feet are spiked so be careful setting it on fine furniture or glass.
Reviewed by: KURT, May 23, 2020

Review of: Brass Spittoon

Spittoon is of very good quality and is actually larger than anticipated.  I am quite happy with this item.  It sits now in my living room as an adjunct to my decore.
Reviewed by: Thomas, January 25, 2019

Review of: US Navy Commemorative Wall Plaque

Finish and detail are all very good, very happy with the purchase.
Reviewed by: , November 03, 2018