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Jackets & Coats carries a variety of jackets for Civil War and World War re-enactors, and well as some for just plain fun.

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Military Surplus Wet Weather Jacket With Hood

This Wet Weather Jacket is genuine military surplus from France. It folds into a compact little pouch.

Heavy Duty Fencing Jacket

En Garde! Durable canvas grade cotton construction and thick padding make this fencing jacket a robust companion for years of faithful service. Soft buttons are wrapped with the same canvas as the rest of the jacket with Velcro closure at the collar.

Mad Scientist Lab Coat

This full-length white denim overcoat has large black snaps running along the neck, shoulders, wrists, and down the front. An adjustable belt and buckle on back provide a comfortable fit.

Buccaneer Coat

This coat is crafted of heavy wool and perfect for pirate wear. Available in grey or navy blue with period cut, bell cuffs and antiqued buttons.

Mary Read Ladies Pirate Coat

This Renaissance Pirate classic open coat, perfect for impersonating Mary Read or Anne Bonny, is made of wool blend with a high ultra-suede collar, ultra-suede cuffs, antique gold buttons, and a rich trim accent.

Fox Fur Mantle

This faux fur mantle is made of polyester and is held in place with a carved bone button and loop. Features a simple drape design. Finished on both sides.

Barbary Coast Pirate Coat

This pirate jacket is manufactured of lush, blue cotton velvet, sports large period cuffs and a rich brocade with buttons along the open front. Two real side pockets provide a place for your things. An adjustable rear belt with buckle allows for flexible sizing.

M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat

The M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat is the regulation dress coat for foot soldiers including infantry, heavy artillery, engineers, hospital stewards and ordnance department. The coat is made of “Federal” navy blue wool.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Confederate Shell Jacket

Came in a week and was the exact size it said it would be. Only problem I have had so far is the tops of the buttons are a little lose and tarnish some, but besides the it was perfect
Reviewed by: Elijah, March 10, 2022

Review of: M-1861 US Enlisted Frock Coat

Honestly this Frock coat is good, i didn't know this coat had a inside pocket so I'm honestly amazed by that, came in great condition, I don't like how it feels but other than that. It's good.
Reviewed by: Angel, November 18, 2021

Review of: Union Officer's Round-About Jacket

I love the jacket, and wore it at my annual Halloween costume party. This year we had a western theme, and I dressed as a cavalry captain. I looked like I walked, or rode right out of the history books.
Reviewed by: Susan, November 07, 2021

Review of: Union Enlisted Cavalry Shell Jacket

Beautiful jacket.  Color and quality outstanding for price.  I am 6’4” and weigh 240 lbs. Usually items are snug and short for me.  This jacket fit me perfectly.
Reviewed by: John, May 17, 2019

Review of: Union Officer's Round-About Jacket

I bought this wool jacket to make a presentation coat like many of the Plains Native American tribal leaders would wear when they posed for photographs.  All of the buttons have the eagle, just as the Civil War originals did.  I plan on having Captain's shoulder boards attached to this in the future.  I am considering adding some sleeve buttons, in the future.  I think that any re-enactment officer of the Union Army would look great in this jacket.  I wore it around the house from the time that I opened the package just to get a feel for it.  It kept me warm all day, since it has been raining, and is a little more chilly than usual.  Well made and an exceptional value for the price point.
Reviewed by: Sherwin, February 15, 2019

Review of: Union Enlisted Cavalry Shell Jacket

The Jacket is nice,  made well, but cut for small people. I wear size large. I had to order a 2xl  for it to fit properly. It is good quality and nice looking uniform jacket.
Reviewed by: ANDREW, January 18, 2019

Review of: Confederate Shell Jacket

Shell jacket was well made and was exactly what I sought.  The size was as advertised. The price was right.  The seller was fast and honest.  The entire transaction was smooth and easy.  What more can I say?
Reviewed by: , June 25, 2017

Review of: Confederate Shell Jacket

The fit was true to size and the quality of the workmanship was good.
Reviewed by: Sherry, December 29, 2016

Review of: Civil War Era Knapsack

This is he first one of these that i've ever bought. The price and service was excellent. Mine only came with one J- hook.
Reviewed by: Thomas, June 20, 2015

Review of: Union Officer's Round-About Jacket

Good Officer,s Coat . A Lot Of Room In It . Fit,s Will . Looks Good With The Rank Bars Sewed On . With Buttions Sewed On It looks Like The Real Thing Like In 1863 . I Like It . Good Coat .
Reviewed by: George, June 16, 2015