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Kukris & Machetes

Kukris are mid length curved knives used both as a tool and a weapon. They are regimental issue to the famous Gurkha warriors, in whose skilled hands it becomes a frightening weapon. Designed for utilitarian use as well as war, it excels at chopping, cutting and stabbing. Windlass Steelcrafts is proud to be the only official government contractor for the kukri! Also find machetes and chopping knives for camping or just clearing out your own jungle.

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Genesis Machete

This machete is made of tempered 1085 high carbon steel with full tang. This sharpened knife comes with a genuine leather sheath and baldric with solid brass hardware.

United Cutlery Boshin Kukri with Leather Scabbard

This kukri has a 7Cr13 stainless steel, full tang blade with rubber grip. Leather scabbard included. Overall: 19 1/2 inches

United Cutlery Colombian Raptor Sawback Machete with Nylon Sheath

This machete features a 3Cr13 stainless steel blade, an ABS handle and a lanyard hole. Nylon belt sheath included. Overall: 18 inches

United Cutlery Combat Commander Gladius Kukri with Sheath

The full tang kukri features a 1065 high carbon steel blade with a skull crusher pommel and a TPR rubberized handle. Comes with a reinforced nylon sheath. Overall: 22-7/8 inches

Assam Rifles Kukri

Authentic new Kukri for issue to the Gurkha's Assam Rifles Regiment. Made to current military specifications, it is hand forged from high carbon steel and comes with a regulation sheath. This kukri has a 13-1/2" long blade that is double fullered.

Genuine Gurkha Regimental Kukri

Genuine military issue to Gurkha Regiments in India. The blade is an impressive 1/4" thick with deep grooves and the traditional religious notch. Takes a good, sharp edge. Scale tang. Traditional, native hardwood handle. Standard metal butt plate.

Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

This kukri is hand forged from high carbon steel. Features a specially carved native hardwood handle. Includes a regulation sheath. Blade length: 30 inches

M48 Tactical Kukri with Sheath

The M48 Tactical Kukri has been designed to function as a multi-purpose blade.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Windlass Cobra Steel Kindjal

This is a very nice 21st Century version of a classic blade pattern.
Good weight, decent balance, really good steel and a GREAT handle!

On first handling this blade I was stuck by several thoughts the first of which was  " Holy $!*% I better be careful with this thing"

The tip has a very sharp point almost like a rapier and after a few passes with a diamond stone the blade took a razor edge.

My second thought was  " This was nicely done, l really like the handle and this is very good steel."

I will doubtless buy the Lakonia  and then start asking Windlass to make a Gladius and Pugo in Cobra Steel
Reviewed by: Matthew, June 16, 2018

Review of: Genuine Gurkha Regimental Kukri

This is not a wall hanger! Pay for sharpening. I got one for my son complete with initials. He needed a brush knife for wild boar hunting. Magnificent knife. Buy it!
Reviewed by: Joseph, March 28, 2018

Review of: Officer's Kukri

This is the third kukri I've ordered for myself recently.  I've actually ordered a pair of the Assam Rifles kukris for my wife and myself, and then a pair of this model.  When I'm honing and stropping blades, it's been a whole lot harder to get the razor edge on this model, so I suspect the RC hardness is a little higher on the model, which is awesome, because edge retention!
This model is also a nice size.  When you want a big knife, but not THAT big, this one works well.  The handle is small.  My hands are smallish, and the handle feels like it was made for me.  When I tape measure from the bolster to the tip, it rings in right at 9.5-inches.  So, it's a biggish knife that itsn't annoying to wear around the house or campsite.
Plus, the Windlass kukris are unbelievable for the price.  Quit reading reviews and order one (or two) already!
Reviewed by: T, January 24, 2018

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

I wanted a "tank knife" that was nice enough that I would want to use it, but not so nice that I wouldn't want to use it, if you know what I mean.  I have been wearing this alternately with the officer's model around the house since Christmas.  A couple days ago, I used this one to chop some wood in my yard to put in the fire pit, and it will still shave hair.  There are surely more expensive offerings on the market, but this one is really hard to beat, especially for the price.  And, the ACC sharpening service is totally worth it.
Reviewed by: T, January 24, 2018

Review of: Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

When I got this blade in, I had to put it on a scale.  Out of the scabbard, this beast weighs in at about six and a half pounds!  And, it will hold an edge well enough to take hair off my arm.  Even shopping ceremonial kukris, this is apparently one of the biggest on the market.  I remember seeing this one in the AC catalog twenty or so years ago, and I don't know why I even wanted it then, but now that I've ordered and received it, I'm so glad I finally bought it.
Reviewed by: T, January 24, 2018

Review of: US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard

This is as close to an exact replica as I have ever seen!  Even the part of the sheath that would normally NEVER be seen!  I imagine a re-enactor would be pleased to have one of these.
Reviewed by: Herman, August 31, 2017

Review of: Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

This knife is huge, it is heavy, I love it. If you want something to carry get one of the smaller ones. It's very impressive, but not at all practical 😜 But definitely has wow factor. I imagine Goliath's sword to be like this. With the weight of this I can see it slicing through a bovines neck. I love it
Reviewed by: Robert , August 11, 2017

Review of: Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

This is an amazing giant Kukri. Not a knife, much closer to a very heavy 30 inch sword. This could be very dangerous to play with if you choose to have it sharpened. A very unusual and unique edged weapon to own. If you are the kind of person that would like to own a four foot Bowie Knife (I would), you definitely will like this beautiful giant ceremonial Kukri. Just be careful and do not drop it accidentally  or you could hurt something or someone. Love it.
Reviewed by: , August 10, 2017

Review of: Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

More knife than I expected, wooden handle is of a much better quality wood than I expected, overall a great buy!!!
Reviewed by: , July 17, 2017

Review of: Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

Very nice.More than I bargianed for. It's a beast,you would have to be a badass to swing this in battle but nothing would stand in its way! ***** five stars!!!!
Reviewed by: Roy, July 13, 2017