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Last Chance Gun Accessories & Dummy Weapons

Non-firing, black powder, holsters, belts, magazines and more for you to get at great prices for a limited time.

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Hawksley Replica Brown Leather Powder Flask Floral Design

This replica Hawksley Black Powder Flask has a brown leather shell with a floral design and features a brass Hawksley removable head with spring-loaded thumb release lever and adjustable tip.

New Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry Rifle

New buttstock for P-1853 .577 caliber percussion infantry rifles and P-1864 .577 caliber Snider breech loading rifles.

Replica Enfield Combination Musket Tool

This replica functional tool is used for assembling Civil War era muskets.

Tanegashima Long Gun

This non firing Long Tanegashima Gun is a highly decorated Japanese matchlock replica from the mid 1500's. Often employed by the Samurai class and their foot soldiers, they marked an important advancement in warfare and were instrumental in changing how tactics during war played out.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: New Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry Rifle

Bought this to build a Snider sporting rifle from, nice wood and brass butt plate installed.
Reviewed by: Eric, October 23, 2018

Review of: New Stock P-1853 .577 Caliber Percussion Infantry Rifle

I have bought two off these and for the price they are fine. The lock needs inlaying from scratch Barrel bed usually needs some work but if you have the skills this is a good deal Please NOTE wood while hard is NOT walnut however for a Nepal gun is authentic.  
Reviewed by: David, November 29, 2014