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Last Chance Knives & Accessories

Grab these knives, sharpeners, sheaths, while they last.

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98 Butcher Blade Bayonet with Scabbard & Frog

This German Butcher Blade bayonet reproduction is made from deeply blued high carbon steel, oil finished wood grips with proper blued steel scabbard. Includes frog.
$79.95 $89.95

Accusharp World's Fastest Sharpener

This US made Accusharp®, with Tungsten carbide sharpening blades, can sharpen serrated knives, cleavers, axes, machetes and other cutting tools in less than 10 seconds!

Bad Blood Harbinger Pocket Knife

Made of high carbon stainless steel for strength and heft, this knife is tough as nails. G-10 scales. Frame lock includes pocket clip.

Elk Ridge Skinner

The Elk Ridge Skinner is great for outdoors. The stainless steel bolsters a full profile tang. Includes leather belt sheath.

Experimental Knife for WWI Hat

This World War I replica bayonet hat retrofits onto a hat, metal helmet or pith helmet and includes leather sheath with brass fittings
$29.95 $89.95

Genesis Machete

This machete is made of tempered 1085 high carbon steel with full tang. This sharpened knife comes with a genuine leather sheath and baldric with solid brass hardware.

German Butcher Blade / Sawback Bayonet Frog

This German Mauser bayonet frog is made from top-grain black finished leather and sewn with waxed linen thread. For belts up to 2 inches wide.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Kukri Bayonet

I bought one of these about two years ago at the 99 dollar price. This is a bargain price wise and mounted on a barrel is a real show piece. I've had a lot of fun showing it off and sure beats 1000 dollars for an orginal.
Reviewed by: David, February 13, 2018

Review of: Wild West Damascus Dagger

The Wild West Damascus Dagger is unbelievably crafted from what maybe the best Damascus steel. This is by far my favorite dagger. The most excellent hilt is a long wood grip, beautifully adorned with brass and steel, the guard and pommel are of Damascus Steel. A nice long spear point blade of amazing wavy lines. It also comes with a good quality leather sheath. Thank you Windlass Steel Crafts, and Atlantic Cutlery.
Reviewed by: Daniel, October 31, 2017

Review of: Miniature Lone Star Bowie

Beautiful miniature in a beautiful box!  I give them as presents.
Reviewed by: Ron, August 17, 2017

Review of: 98 Butcher Blade Bayonet with Scabbard & Frog

I have purchased 3 of these quality bayonets.  They fit my K98 Russian Capture, and my Yugo straight out of the box.  I ordered the last one for my best friend, and he said it fits his K98 RC fine.  These bayonets are large, fearsome, and have  a visible shock value when attached to a Mauser.  At the present deal price, they are a steal.  Get one while they last.
Reviewed by: Robert, December 11, 2016

Review of: German WWII K98 Bayonet Frog

Good product.  Nicely made.  Fit my Yugo 48 bayonet to a "T".    Does not have a strap to go around the bayonet handle like some of my other bayonet frogs, but I knew that going in.  Good stuff!.

Reviewed by: Luis, September 18, 2016

Review of: Accusharp World's Fastest Sharpener

Best sharpener I ever had!!!
Reviewed by: Leroy, September 01, 2016

Review of: 98 Butcher Blade Bayonet with Scabbard & Frog

Nine years ago I purchased two M1917 bayonets.  I gave one to my brother and kept the other one.  Mine was a disappointment. It did not fit without quite a bit of work.  This time I was pleased with the 98 bayonet.  At first it was a bit tight, but with oiling  and cleaning it fit well and required no altering.  It is well made and finished.
Reviewed by: JD, September 01, 2016

Review of: Accusharp World's Fastest Sharpener

It works & IS easy to use
Reviewed by: tom, June 19, 2015

Review of: German WWII K98 Bayonet Frog

Great product, it works well for my N05 MK1 bayonet.  Well made, I will be back for more.
Reviewed by: Ken , May 21, 2015

Review of: 1907 Bayonet with Scabbard

Excellent quality repro.  Unlike description, bayonet was stamped with 1907 markings.
With about 15 minutes of shaping, it fits my Lithgow Enfield just fine.  Very happy with results.
Reviewed by: Robert, February 08, 2014