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Last Chance Military Surplus

Rare pieces from around the globe including the US, Belgium, Germany, Austria and England.

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Gurkha Belt Buckle

These unissued, highly polished 11th Rifles Regiment belt buckles were designed for military-style belts or 2 hole prong belts. The badge on the front is bolted onto the slightly curved buckle.
$14.95 $9.95

Porvair Garrison Belt

This Porvair Garrison Belt is made of synthetic leather and comes in sizes 28", 40" and 44".
$39.95 $22.95

Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case

This military surplus Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case is available in Small, which fits blade lengths 23" - 26".
$49.95 $19.95

Navy Officer’s Brass Buckle

Military Surplus, this new Navy Officer’s Buckle is made of brass.
$19.95 $9.95

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Hard Synthetic Leather Vitalon Sword Case

Without a doubt the best value in a hard sword case of this quality... No need to look further.. I have purchase 4 of these.  All US military swords fit except the Navy Cutlas with the huge handguard.  I got the cloth sword protector from Marlow .... That provides the issue package at a great price and total protection..  this type of case was the WWII type and not produced at this time. Get a few while you can...
Reviewed by: Steven, September 02, 2022

Review of: Navy Officer’s Brass Buckle

I have many originals and this is a perfect replacement...You can't beat this price...  nice to add it to your medal display board.
Reviewed by: Steven, September 02, 2022

Review of: Gurkha Belt Buckle

The buckle arrived well protected and in new condition.  The chrome was excellent and it is now residing on my Kukri display wall. surrounded by both new issue and antique kukri's.  Very pleased!
Reviewed by: John, June 11, 2021

Review of: Gurkha Belt Buckle

Beautiful !  Came wrapped in what looks like original paper. Absolutely spotless.  Quick shipping, as always.  I love these guys!  Timothy Childs
Reviewed by: Timothy, November 14, 2020

Review of: Gurkha Belt Buckle

I had excellent service from Atlanta Cutlery from ordering the Gurkha belt buckle to it been delivered.
Thank you
Graham Jones
Reviewed by: Graham, February 26, 2019