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Last Chance Military Surplus

Rare pieces from around the globe including the US, Belgium, Germany, Austria and England.

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Czech Surplus Canteen

This genuine surplus has an Aluminum body covered in wool and leather straps. Thick plastic plug stopper.

Porvair Garrison Belt

This Porvair Garrison Belt is made of synthetic leather and comes in sizes 28", 40" and 44".
$39.95 $22.95

Navy Officer’s Brass Buckle

Military Surplus, this new Navy Officer’s Buckle is made of brass.
$19.95 $9.95

Officer’s Sword Belt and Shoulder Strap

This Military Surplus Officer’s Sword Belt and Shoulder Strap is made of synthetic leather. Available in sizes 28" and 30".
$129.95 $59.95

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Czech Surplus Canteen

This Canteen is just what I was looking for! I love vintage gear and this is the genuine article. In great condition, complete with the wool cover that smells like my Grandpa's basement. Will use on my next camping/hiking trip. Thanks Atlanta Cutlery!
Reviewed by: Franco, August 16, 2020