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Martini Henry Long Lever Infantry Rifle Untouched

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This is a unique and extremely rare early breechloading “Military Rifle” in .450/.577 Martini Henry calibre. An ingenious design. British markings. Picture is of a typical example. Genuine pre-1898 Martini-Henry Rifles that have laid undisturbed for well over 100 years in far from perfect storage conditions in the Old Palace of Lagan Silekhana.

These particular Martini Infantry Rifles were used by the Gurkha detachments mostly in the Indian Sub Continent and are offered in AS IS condition. Each Rifle is offered totally as found, completely un-cleaned and un-refurbished. The only service performed has been to ensure none are still loaded! Totally covered and caked with dried on grease, dirt and rust, these can be displayed as found or be the subject of winter nights of TLC to restore them to their former glory. All appear to be complete but no guarantees as to what use or damage may be found after more than 100 years of neglect and storage.  There is a $10.00 additional shipping & handling charge with item, cannot be shipped USPS.

Each gun will feature:
The action, lever, trigger, stock (which may show signs of wear like cracks, old repairs, wood rot, etc), barrel, 2 steel barrel bands, cleaning rod and butt plate.

Some guns may have additional pieces (sorry no choice) like minor parts & screws.

Condition: usually show rust & pitting and be covered in dirt as originally stored.  Otherwise they may not operate because of seizing or could be otherwise incomplete.  Plus there may be additional cracks, missing chunks, old repairs.

Note: These guns were manufactured before 1898 and are therefore legally considered antiques. It is totally legal to own these without a U.S. Federal Firearms License (FFL) and they can be shipped to most countries around the world.


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Write a Review
I just received my Martini Henry MK IV today.  It is in remarkably great shape considering it I almost 130 years old. The bluing is still clear and there is no rust or pitting at all.  None. Zip. Even the wood is in great shape.  I can't wait to get this cleaned up. I strongly recommend getting one of these while they last. This supply won't last forever.
- Alan, November 10, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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For a 100 year old rifle that was stored who knows where for a very long time, is is in very good shape overall. As expected, has some pitting on metal parts. wood showed no signs of rot. It is cleaning up really good. One which I will be proud of for years to come.
- Larry, October 18, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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I ordered one of these during ACC's annual sale earlier this month, and it far exceeds my expectations! Full of and covered with grease, as I knew it would be, but it cleaned up VERY nice. I couldn't even tell if there were any markings and date on the receiver at first, but turns out it's an 1886. There is minor pitting on the barrel at the wood line, but no where near bad enough to worry about. The only thing wrong with it is the firing pin is broken, but that's easily replaced with the ones available from ACC. The bore looks pretty much like the day it was made. I can't recommend these highly enough! And the packaging! UPS couldn't hurt it if they tried.
- Donald, May 30, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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I received my rifle just like it was sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting to be picked up again and fired.  The bore on it is bright and shinny after running a few patches threw it and no pitting at all.  There are no major cracks anywhere on the rifle, there is one crack however where the butt plate meets the stock, nothing major.  I opted for the hand select option and it was well worth it.  I cant wait to clean it up and get some ammo loaded up for it.  Here is a link to my unboxing video

Thanks again Atlanta Cutlery for a great item!!!
- Neill, January 09, 2015 | Verified Purchase
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Rifle just arrived in condition that makes me think it was siting on a used shelf in a gun store. Will need minimal cleaning on the outside, have yet to really check the bore but if it's near as good, then it's perfect. All function so far appears to be flawless, all markings are sharp as expected for being 120+ years old and used. Also the special instructions for the box, fulfilled to the letter, makes me wish I could add more stars just for that.

Spend the extra for hand-select, it's well worth it and I'm going to get another if stock supplies last and my bank account can support it.
- George, December 20, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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