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Whether you like to spend a lot of time in the wild or are a weekend camper, you will always need trusted outdoor tools by your side. We have a selection of the best outdoor tools including axes, machetes, and saws, to help you clear whatever obstacles stand in your way!

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Japanese Nata Tool

Clear brush, strip bark, plank wood, make kindling–all with one thoughtfully-crafted tool. Inspired by a traditional Japanese implement and constructed with heritage-quality materials, the Japanese Nata Tool unites versatile function and refined durability. The stainless steel machete-like blade and a solid steel core that extends through the length of the hardwood handle lend stability and greater swinging weight yet it still packs thin and light, making it an essential addition to any collection.

Nata Hatchet

A nod towards the timeless design of Japanese implements, the Nata Hatchet is as handsome as it is functional. The 7” easy-sharpen blade features 5mm thick 4Cr14MoV full-tang stainless steel, ideal for all-around outdoor work. With a wide bevel and serious heft, this hatchet handles controlled chopping, kindling splitting, and trimming with ease. The extra-long edge makes it a go-to for pruning, debarking, and removing limbs.

Woodsman Pulaski Axe

This is the ideal chopping axe. its wide-angle, 1055 high carbon steel split blade keeps its edge time after time. The rounded blade is perfect for chopping and splitting. A 1/3” solid steel core through the wood handle secures the head with a tightening hex bolt and connects it to the steel pommel end to help you maneuver easily around rooting and trenching.

Folding Saw

Easily saw through limbs, trees, and branches with this folding handsaw. The serrated edge cuts through green wood, as well as dead or frozen limbs. Great for setting up your tree stands, handy when camping.

Ratchet Shears

Perfect for cutting shooting lanes, clearing trails, hunting, hiking, camping, & gardening, these ratchet shears cut through branches up to 1" diameter with ease. The hardened steel shears are 8" long and will fit easily in a pocket or backpack.

Hunting Handsaw with Scabbard

This hunting handsaw has serrated edges for fast and efficient cutting of limbs, trees, and shooting lanes. The plastic scabbard has a belt loop.

Extra Short Handle Felling Axe

This Extra Short Handle Felling Axe has a drop forged 1055 high carbon steel thin blade suited for cutting down trees and chopping. Features an American hickory hardwood handle.

Cane Chopper Machete

This "compact" machete from Tata Agrico is perfect for clearing vegetation in tight spaces. The square blade tip makes it highly suitable for trail carry and camping (no accidental punctures).

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Review of: Special Forces Shovel

It does everything i can throw at it
Reviewed by: Robert, September 26, 2021

Review of: Special Forces Shovel

Here's another quality product that small enough to store inside a compact or subcompact car, or in the trunk of any size car. Useful for getting yourself out small muddy ruts or cleaning a thick like snow of
off your windshield. The only drawback is that its sharp edges do leave scratches behind. The edges are sharp and formidable. No wonder why Spetsnaz uses it as a weapon and it has yet to be restricted by law in any state. I also think that it would make an excellent gardening tool for planting small trees and shrubs.
Reviewed by: James, December 22, 2020