P-1864 Snider Breech Loading Rifle

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These are Nepalese origin rifles, in fair to good condition. Initially developed by Jacob Snider for the Pattern 1853 Enfield, the Snider Breech was used very effectively in the Abyssinian Campaign of 1868.
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Jacob Snider, an American from New York, developed this system for the Pattern 1853 Enfield, the most prolific imported percussion rifle used by both the North and South during the US Civil War. In 1864 the British Board of Ordnance adopted the Snider system, with the first being issued in 1865. Improved in 1867 by the use of Colonel Boxer's center fire brass bodied cartridge, the rifle was used very effectively in the Abyssinian Campaign of 1868. The system utilized a hinged breech block with an internal firing pin assembly that permitted the use of a self contained cartridge of lead bullet in cardboard, and after 1867, brass casing. This highly efficient conversion system prolonged the active life of the P-1853 .577 caliber rifles up until 1871 when the Martini System was adopted.

These are of Nepalese origin and in fair to good condition. There is a $10.00 additional shipping & handling charge with item, cannot be shipped USPS.

Also available with bayonet

Note: These guns were manufactured before 1898 and are therefore legally considered antiques. It is totally legal to own these without a U.S. Federal Firearms License (FFL) and they can be shipped to most countries around the world.


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