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The Renaissance was the time of enlightenment. This is perhaps the most romanticized period in history, a time when chivalry was king and knowledge was power.

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Review of: Florentine Cinquedea

I fully want one, however I absolutely  need a custom full metal scabbard, much akin to the fashion of the dragoon sabers.

Most every circumstance  I can say with gusto, that any blade I hunt for comes with such quality and durability as this.
Reviewed by: Nathaniel, December 27, 2022

Review of: Musketeer Rapier

Nice piece!  The problem for me is that I am to small to fit it!!  At five feet seven inches with a thirty two inch sleeve it is more blade than I can handle. Still, it is dammed impressive!
Reviewed by: mark, June 24, 2021

Review of: Small Sword

Beautiful details, love it!
Reviewed by: Anastasia, November 23, 2018