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Sambar Stag Handle - 1 piece 5" round


With exquisite feel and density for handle scales, Sambar stag is a premium material. Banned from import, we are fortunate to have found a supply left over in our warehouse! These Sambar stag rounds are highly prized and in short supply. Finish your next project with style and get your own before supplies run out!


Reserve now and allow at least 4 weeks for delivery. Cannot be reserved for international shipping


Ever since the moratorium on export this highly sought after material has been hard to come by in knife making circles. We've found a source that imported ahead of the ban and are happy to bring this find to you. This is an Asiatic deer variety known for having less marrow in its antlers than N America deer, making them better suited for handle material and other home decor projects. Each piece is stunning and unique making your next project a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Sold as single pieces, photo is an example to show variation of grain and color, sorry no choice.
  • Scale Size: 5" round


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