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We carry shirts and tunics from a variety of eras, from Medieval to the frontier days of the old west. 

  • Knightly Tunics

    Knightly Tunics

    # 101056

    Made of strong durable cotton fabric with a full lining, these one-sized tunics are open on the sides and have both a front and rear split for ample movement.  Made of strong durable cotton fabric with a full lining, these one-sized tunics are open...
  • Frontier Shirt

    Frontier Shirt

    # 730018

    This Frontier Cotton Shirt is an all purpose garment with historical details. Natural, unbleached cotton muslin (off white) or bleached white  We've seen a lot of simple shirts in our day, but this one stood out as being the go to for reenactors...
  • Privateer Cotton Shirt

    Privateer Cotton Shirt

    # 100156

    This shirt features a stand up collar and lace up front. Wide sleeves. The tucks on the back yoke, sleeve tops and front yoke. 100% cotton.  From the woods the hunter returns with his hard won game. This will be a great treat for the celebration in...
  • Pleated Front Dress Shirt

    Pleated Front Dress Shirt

    # 100914

    This replica Civil War shirt is perfect for collectors, history buffs and re-enactors. This pleated front dress shirt is made from white cotton with a round, fold down collar and pleated front.  This replica Civil War shirt is authentically...
  • Guardsman Renaissance Shirt

    Guardsman Renaissance Shirt

    # 101784

    This gorgeous shirt, available in white or black, is perfect for a number of Renaissance outfits, including the swashbuckling Musketeers. Features metal buttons, attached string tie, ruffled front and long tight cuffs.  This gorgeous shirt is...
  • Swordsman's Shirt

    Swordsman's Shirt

    # 100236

    This cotton shirt features an authentic pattern from the Elizabethan era and a fitted, narrow cuff. Available in black, white or purple.  There''s no billowy cuff here to interfere with serious parry and thrust. Notice the fitted, narrow cuff; this...
  • Cotton Cavalry Shirt

    Cotton Cavalry Shirt

    # 100916

    Made of dark blue cotton, this Cavalry shirt has a placard front with a bib on top with brass buttons.  This authentically patterned cotton cavalry shirt is made of dark blue cotton and has a placard front. On top of that is a bib front with brass...
  • Civil War Fireman's Shirt

    Civil War Fireman's Shirt

    # 730009

    Civil War Fireman's 100% pure cotton shirt with replica bib and faux bone buttons.  Civil War Fireman's Shirt is a 100% cotton, replica bib shirt with faux bone buttons as used by not only fire brigades, but also some of the Irish brigade and...

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