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Terminator Leather Jacket




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The jacket is sized for teens and female cyborgs.  It is made of police grade leather with zip-out custom printed, cold weather lining and a sew-in label celebrating the 25th anniversary.  It also incorporates all the safety features of today’s motorcycle jackets to ensure realism and protection if you want to wear it when you ride. 

The original jacket was a European design and the company that owns The Terminator is European.  We have marked the jacket in European standard sizes which, when compared to the US, are one size off.  For example a S in the EU is really a XS in the US.  The jacket has an "athletic cut" jacket which is wider in the shoulders and narrower in the waist,  which was preferred for Arnold. Available in Small only (38-40). Looks great on women!

Production was strictly limited to the model year 2009 in honor of the 25th anniversary. The Terminator instantly became a cult classic and this movie has spawned an entire generation of sci-fi films and subsequent sequels.  To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this landmark motion picture, Museum Replicas presents a prop never attempted before – a screen accurate version of the T-800’s motorcycle jacket.  This limited Edition jacket has had nothing spared in its research and materials.  Using all original surviving resource material, it has been re-created exactly as it was worn on screen.


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Write a Review
This is wild I grew up loving the terminator and Good old arnold before he became just another corrupt politicion. I bought a harley a few years ago and I also bought a leather jacket. I was seaching the sight for knives and I came across this jacket ,and it is wild mine is spot on the exact same and I love it!"different brand though" No wonder I went for this coat  subconciously its because I loved the terminator lol!
- Ian, January 30, 2011
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