Gerber Knife Warranty

Gerber Knife Warranty

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Warranty Information

Q: What is a Lifetime Limited Warranty?
A: Gerber products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns the product. At Gerber’s option, defective product will be repaired, replaced, or substituted with a product of equal value. This warranty does not cover damaged product due to misuse or abuse, sharpening, normal wear and tear, accidental damage or industrial/commercial use. Limited Lifetime Warranty In North America Only, 25 Years Limited Warranty Outside Of North America. 

For cutting tools: Gerber shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Q: Where do I submit a warranty claim? 
A: Submit a warranty claim here. To expedite the process, please provide as much information as you can about the knife and the issue. 

Replacement Parts and Warranty

Q: My Gerber product failed under normal use, is this covered under the warranty?
A: Please refer to the warranty information that came with your product. If you still have questions, please call Gerber at 1-800-950-6161 or email them at [email protected], and provide your name, address, phone number, and the model of your Gerber product.

Q: I do not live in the United States. Is there a place I can return my Gerber for warranty repair?
A: Currently, Gerber only completes repairs at their main factory in Portland, Oregon. Please refer to Return Section below for the address to return the product.

Q: I returned my Gerber for warranty, how long will it take until I have my Gerber back?
A: Standard turn-around time is two to four weeks, pending product availability, seasonal activity and holidays.

Q: If Gerber uses stainless steel, why has rust occurred on my Gerber product?
A: Gerber products use a 100% high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is not completely resistant to rust, but rather is more corrosion resistant to rust. Corrosion can occur in the absence of proper maintenance. Your Gerber product should be cleaned, dried, and re-oiled periodically to inhibit rust and corrosion; this is especially true in a damp or marine environment. If your Gerber product comes in contact with any substance that you are uncertain about, it is always a good idea to wash your blade off with tap water, dry it, and apply a light coat of oil. If your Gerber product comes into contact with saltwater you must flush it with tap water immediately after use and coat it with a good quality lightweight oil. Salt water is extremely corrosive and will attack and destroy any type of steel. After cleaning, re-oil your Gerber product with a good gun oil or 3-in-1 oil. Buff stained areas with a polishing cloth or a non-metallic scouring pad.

Q: My Gerber product was lost or stolen. Will Gerber replace it?

A: No, stolen or lost products are not covered under warranty. Our warranty covers material and manufacturing defects.

Q: I broke a blade and would like to replace the part myself, can Gerber send me the part I need or can I get it from a Gerber retailer?
A: For Liability reasons, we will not send blades or implements for self-repair.  For all product defects, please return your product to Gerber for Warranty Services.

Q: The sheath on my Gerber was lost or has worn out can I get a replacement?
A: To obtain a replacement sheath, please complete the Warranty Submission Form at To expedite this service, please be clear the make and model number of your product. All parts are proprietary to the product. If you are unsure of the name and model number, visit our website to help identify your product.

Q: The pocket clip on my Gerber knife broke, how could I get a replacement?
A: We can send you a replacement pocket clip, pocket clip screws, and/or handle screws on select products. Complete the Warranty Submission Form and provide details of the parts needed in the section “How was the product being used?”. To expedite this service, please be clear as to which parts you require for self-repair. All parts are proprietary to the product. If you are unsure of the name and model number of your product, visit our website to help identify your product.

Q: I own a Gerber Multi-Plier and want a different blade installed in place of another part, can this be done?
A: Each model of Multi-Plier contains a group of tools that are designed to meet the needs of a vast array of interests and needs. We cannot substitute different blades or implements from one model to another or change the order in which they’re installed.

Q: If Gerber cannot send replacement blades, can they send me the c-clip, spring, button that are used to retract the pliers?
A: Yes, for the MP400 and MP600 model tools these parts are easily self-repairable. Email us at [email protected] and provide your name, address, phone number, the model number of the Multi-Plier and the requested parts.

Q: The triangular tungsten carbide cutters on my Gerber Multi-Plier have worn out or broke, where can I get replacements?
A: The carbide cutter inserts are the same cutters used on lathes, mills, and CNC machines used in the metal fabrication industry. These parts are proprietary and cannot be found in industrial stores or machine shops. These are machined specifically at Gerber. Purchase a set of replacement Carbide Cutters here.

Service Information
Q: Can I send my Gerber knife to the factory to have it sharpened?
A: We provide sharpening services that will put that factory edge back onto your Gerber knives.  The charge is $5 per single-edged knife or $7.50 for a double-edged knife. There is an additional $5 shipping charge to have the product returned to you.  We do not offer serration sharpening services. Complete Submission Form and return with product.

Q: Where can I send my product for services?
A: Please return your product to:

Gerber Blades
ATTN: Service
14200 SW 72nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97224

Q: How should I send my product?
A: You’re welcome to return your product by any shipping method that is convenient for you.  Gerber is not responsible for loss of product during freight to the Gerber facility.  If you choose to send your product through the U.S. Postal Service we recommend attaining Delivery Confirmation or Delivery Signature Required.  This will help provide assurance to you of your products arrival to the Gerber Facility.  Make sure your product is packaged securely to prevent tearing through the package during freight.

Q: How long should I expect my product to be out for services?
A: Gerber makes every effort to return product as quickly as possible. Please take into consideration various seasons and holidays that may cause some delay in services. In most cases, products are returned within 5-10 business days upon receipt to our facility.

Q: Will Gerber pay to have my product sent to their facility?
A: Gerber will not pay for the freight costs to their facility. However, Gerber will incur all return expenses to your residence or business for warranty services.

Q: What should I include with my product?
A: 1. Completed submission form
    2. Your product(s)
    3. Any additional information about your product

Q: What if I have more questions about the return of my product? Whom can I contact?
A: Call volumes vary during different seasons based on the time of year. You''re welcome to call the Gerber Service Department at 800-950-6161 x1206. If you get their voice message service, please leave a detailed message and they will return your call as quickly as possible. An alternative to this is emailing them at [email protected] and a thorough response will be provided as quickly as possible.

Atlanta Cutlery Return Policy


Satisfaction Guaranteed! Quite simply, we declare that we will make good on every order.  Please, if you are not 100% SATISFIED with the merchandise that you received, return it to us within 30 days with the original paperwork and we will exchange it or refund your money in the manner paid (*some exceptions apply). This is an IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE! Instructions on the back of packing slip.

*Please Note:  We cannot accept returns on sharpened  or personalized  items (i.e. engraved) that are not defective.  They may not be returned because of the customization that has been done to the product.  Be sure when you order!

After 30 days we will repair or replace items that have manufacturing defects. Any returned item accompanied by a receipt will be refunded at the original purchase price of the item(s) in the original payment method. Return your item(s) to us using the return label and enclose the completed return form from your original packing slip. Customers are responsible for return postage. If your order is not received, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify us. No tracer will be placed after 60 days.