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This is an original Wood Kukri Handle for our kukri blades.


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It's in pretty good shape. It's definitely worth $8. I haven't done anything with it yet but I'm sure when I sand it and put linseed oil on it, it will look really good.
- , Guest user, July 15, 2017
These are not a cheap lathe turned knockoff, mine was evidently all hand carved.  The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because it will need additional carving to attach it to my longleaf blade.  For the price, definitely worth it.  Highly recommended.
- Philip, October 08, 2016
Handle looks great, I am fitting it on to the original blade I bought
- philip, March 06, 2016
My handle came. It is very nice externally. It is a reproduction. It has NO inletting for blade to handle fitting as per picture. This is a cheap item but I wanted to fit it to a blade. Rather disappointed. AC offered a discount which I will ignore but was appreciated. AC is good folks and I will continue to buy from them.
- David, October 12, 2015

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