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Zombie Apocalypse

We want you to be ready when the end of days comes calling.  Self defense from zombies is essential and so is survival in general when things go really bad.  This is your survival prep HQ.

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Assam Rifles Kukri

Authentic new Kukri for issue to the Gurkha's Assam Rifles Regiment. Made to current military specifications, it is hand forged from high carbon steel and comes with a regulation sheath. This kukri has a 13-1/2" long blade that is double fullered.

Axe Gang Hatchet

This axe meets most axe throwing association requirements for tournament play. It features a differentially heat treated, drop-forged 1055 carbon head - which has a hard edge capable of reaching razor sharpness, but a soft steel body for absorbing impact. American Hickory handle.

Brooklyn Smasher

These bigger, Brooklyn Smasher baseball bats by Cold Steel are virtually unbreakable. Moulded out of high-impact polypropylene. Extremely effective as a self-defense tool as well. Overall 34 inches.

Carnivore Machete

This Carnivore Machete features extended serrated section for sawing, plain edge section, vine/wire cutter and chisel tip to make it a perfect survival blade.

Frontier Axe

This distinct axe is perfect for throwing with its solid steel head and hardwood shaft.

KA-BAR Becker Reinhardt Kukri

Our founder, the late blade expert Hank Reinhardt, designed what he felt was the perfect kukri after handling hundreds from the government source to Gurkha regiments and we agree. Made in the USA and combined with a super tough Becker Knife & Tool handle. KA-BAR has done this design proud.

M48 Cyclone Knife

This knife has a thick 2Cr13 stainless steel cast into a twisted blade. Handle is fiberglass reinforced nylon with stainless steel guard and skull crusher pommel. Includes TPR and nylon belt sheath.

M48 Tactical Kukri with Sheath

The M48 Tactical Kukri has been designed to function as a multi-purpose blade.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Just received my Assam Rifles kukri.  It's beautiful.  Workmanship is excellent.  In fact the workmanship on this knife exceeds the workmanship on my regimental kukri which I also rated 5 stars.  The sheath is a better design than the one that comes with the regimental kukri.  Fit and finish is excellent and matches the online picture perfectly. I have a large hand and the handle fit my hand beautifully.  I paid for sharpening and it came sharp.  You can't go wrong with this knife.
Reviewed by: JAMES H, June 15, 2017

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Phenomenal product.  This thing is closer to an axe than a knife, which I suppose is part of the idea.  Of course, it's a formidable fighting knife, but I can't imagine taking anything else camping or hiking (especially in the US North East - maybe a machete if I were going to a jungle).  Everything from tip to peen seems incredibly rigid.  The handle is quite comfortable in the hand, and allows for a few different grips.  I ordered mine unsharpened (as I wasn't sure if I'd use it for some live steel sparring, or as a knife), and it came very very dull at the tip and near the cutouts.  It'll take some work to sharpen in those areas, but that's quite alright.
Unlike others, my scabbard came fairly snug, and wearing it on a belt, or tucked into a belt, I'm confident that the blade would not come free unless I wanted it to (mostly because of the shape).
I suppose my only real complaint would be the two little knives.  They seem to be of a fairly low quality of manufacture, and material.  One of mind came quite bent out of shape, and I bent it right back with almost no effort.  I'm not sure that I would *ever* find a use for them, so as far as complaints go, it's very minor.
Overall, a fantastic buy, especially as a deal of the week.
My only regret was not buying two.
Reviewed by: Michael, March 26, 2017

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Well the blade is very thick . The lion on the butt is not recognizable due to the tang being flattened to hold the handle on. That being said I love it! I highly recommend that you pay the $5 to have it sharpened, I did not
Reviewed by: Robert , January 13, 2017

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Big awesome blade, fits extremely well in the hand. The handle seems sturdier on this one than the regular Gurkha kukri. My only issue is that I paid for sharpening and it wasn't very sharp. Great blade for the price, highly recommended.  
Reviewed by: Daniel, July 04, 2016

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Let's get right to it: AWESOME KNIFE.  Can we really call it a knife?  I almost believe short-sword would be a more appropriate term of description/title.  Whatever you want to call it, it's AWESOME.  Very very happy.  I ordered mine sharpened and while I cannot speak to my esteemed colleague who recently received his own kukri and didn't care for their sharpening job, I thought they did a commendable job on mine own kukri.  Perhaps not a PERFECT job, but certainly better than I could do and I am happy.  It is a bit of a cost but still, necessary in my opinion.  This feels great, it has some serious heft but the heft is a good heft, it feels like it could do serious damage to whatever it connects with.  You need to be CAREFUL!  The real problem I encountered was I received two of the same "small utility knives" - I didn't receive one "karda" and one "Chakmak" - I received two identical knives- what I believe them to be are "kardas" - the karda is supposed to be a sharpened utility knife, and the chakmak is a steel burnishing blade (unsharpened).  I believe these are SUPPOSED to be kardas but completely unsharpened edge, so useless really.  Oh well, I bought it for the big kukri and sheath, not for two utility knives.  Very happy.  I couldn't decide on this "fuller-size" model and the smaller Officer's Kukri and I am glad I got this one.
Reviewed by: Daniel, March 17, 2016

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Very nice piece of kit, no wonder the Gurkhas have got an awesome reputation,and thanks to Tonya at ACC for good customer service.
Reviewed by: andrew, May 06, 2015

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

What a awsome kukri great quality. Was very impressed with this knife looking forward to buying more products from Atlanta Cutlery. Will tell my friends about your company. Thanks
Reviewed by: Michael, March 05, 2015

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Looks good, feels good. Great knife, great job on sharpening, worth the extra money.
Reviewed by: Dale, December 11, 2014

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

WOW! I wish I could say more. This fits my hand like no other. It is heavy, has good balance and will be my go-to camping and survival knife now. The sheath is well done and solid. Sharpening is spot on. WOW again. Good job folks.
Reviewed by: Lawrence, June 14, 2013

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

I've wanted one of these for years. Everything about it is wonderful The weight and balance are perfect.
Reviewed by: Alphonzo, August 14, 2012