15th Century Two-Handed Sword

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This replica two-handed sword is part of the Royal Armouries Collection by Windlass. Two-handed swords of this type were being used increasingly as specialized weapons in the middle and later 15th century, laying the foundations of the massive, sometimes garish two-handed swords of the next century (such as the Swiss Zweihander and the Landsknecht Flamberge). This sword would have been in use during the last years of the Hundred Years War and swords like it were carried throughout the Wars of the Roses and into the early Tudor era.

Royal Armouries Sword IX.1787. This is a replica of a mid-15th century two-handed sword. The original sword is believed to have been excavated in France, from a ford near the site of a Battle in 1453 at Castillon-la-Bataille on the Garonne. It was purchased by the Royal Armouries in 1978 and one of a group of over eighty swords discovered in the same find spot. Featuring a fish-tail pattern pommel, a straight guard with swollen terminals, and a double-edged blade having a flattened-diamond cross-section. 

This type of sword may have been in use during the last years of the Hundred Years War and swords like it may also have been carried throughout the Wars of the Roses and into the early Tudor era. 

This replica is crafted with a hand-forged blade by an experienced, skilled blacksmith using modern 1080 high-carbon steel that is fully tempered and distally tapered for proper weight distribution. The sheath is made with a wood body and covered with leather. The tip is reinforced with a brass chape that features a traditional cut-out. At the throat, the leather extends upward and covers part of the guard at the ricasso. Includes a certificate of authenticity on heavy stock and a polishing cloth. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts, the original can be seen in the Royal Armories Collection, Object Number IX.1787.   

  • Overall Length: 58"
  • Blade Length: 45" 
  • Guard: 11-3/8" wide overall
  • Blade Width at Ricasso: 2"
  • Blade is distally tapered: 11/32" thick at guard, 11/64" at the tip  
  • Weight: 4 lb / 10 oz
  • Material: 1080 High Carbon Steel
  • Edge: Double-edged with a bevel on each side, unsharpened

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