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5-in-1 Survival Tool


This pen-shaped stainless steel compact Survival Tool features a compass, punch/glass breaker, flint, striker and a whistle. Great for emergency kits and backpacking.
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This 5-in-1 Survival Tool features a compass, punch/glass breaker, flint, striker and whistle. The pen shape when screwed together makes it super easy to carry and the whistle is still accessible. Great for emergency kits and backpacking.

Stainless steel construction.


This little gem is a perfect automobile or boat glove box, EDC shirt pocket, or backpack accessory that could be a life saver given the right circumstances. The compass isn't the greatest in the world, the whistle isn't the loudest I've ever heard but for an extremely light and emergency back up survival tool, it is a "must have" accessory for any prepper or just the everyday Joe or Jane that likes the security of knowing they have every possible tool needed within easy reach should the SHTF. Well worth the price and I'm buying several more as gifts for my family, friends & loved ones.
Reviewed by: James, September 09, 2017
Well no instructions on how to use the tool but I will have to guess.
Reviewed by: , Guest user, May 18, 2017
easy to carry in a pocket...but don't expect much more. The whistle barely works not loud at all . The compass doesn't work at all it gets stuck on a direction--must constantly shake it ---this could lead to a disaster if you counted on it the fire rod works but you need to pre scrape off much of the coating to get a spark. Better than nothing but I would not rely on this except as a back up to your regular items . But what would you expect for the price and of course its made in China .
Reviewed by: kurt, December 29, 2016
I bought these for my grandsons for Christmas, so I can't really review these at this time.
Reviewed by: Barbara, December 09, 2016

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