Afghan Choora


This large utilitarian, rugged knife used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass, is made from hand forged, 1060 high carbon steel. Includes leather sheath with brass fittings.
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This Afghan Choora is a large utilitarian, rugged knife used by the tribes of the Khyber Pass. A model similar to this is still used by Afghan fighters against the Russians.

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts with a hand forged, 1060 high carbon steel blade. The heavy T-section blade can pierce the stoutest armor and mail. The brass bolster is welded into place for strength and finished with thick water buffalo horn scales. Includes leather sheath with brass fittings.

A simple, rustic, effective knife for the tribesmen whether in camp or battle.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length17"
Blade Length11-1/4"
Blade Thickness5/32"
Weight1 lb / 10 oz
Material1060 High Carbon Steel
HandleWater Buffalo Horn
ScabbardLeather with Brass Fittings


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Write a Review
Wrongful Review
If Mr. Dean had taken the time to read the details on this piece he would have noticed that the options were "Factory Edge" or "Sharpened" which tells me that factory edge is UNSHARPENED. It seems extreme to find fault with an usharpened knife for not being sharp. I will be sure to specify SHARPENED if i order this knife.
- Kevin, February 05, 2018
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Very happy. a buttiful knife ,fit and finish are  spot on.
- Guest user, August 25, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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I was very disappointed when it arrived it was very nice as far as the way it looked but he knife wasn't just unsharpened  it didn't even have edge bevel it was without a sembelence of an edge I think you should warn any one who orders that unless they are prepared to work really hard they aren't going to put an edge on his knife. I am working on mine now but it's slow going but I take some comfort since it means the blade is tempered. B ut I am never going buy anything from you unless it is already sharpened or you offer sharpening otherwise I will pass. I really am all kinds of irritated at you. I will say you usually are better at warning your buyers but you dropped the ball this time and now I am going to have to be very careful in the future since I feel like you kind of let me down.  sincerely   Richard Dean    
- Guest, August 18, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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