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American Frontier Weapons, Axes, Tomahawks

Odd pieces we love which show the ingenuity of the time, including nonfiring guns, tomahawks, axes and canes.

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1830s Peace Pipe Tomahawk

This reproduction of a historical tomahawk pipe features brass bands and a long brass tip on the hardwood handle.

Frontier Tomahawk Pipe

This reproduction of a historical tomahawk pipe has a handle uniquely wrapped with spiked brass bands.

Plains Tomahawk Pipe

This reproduction of a historical tomahawk pipe displays one of the more elaborately carved handles we've seen.

Model 1892 Rifle With Modified Cocking Loop

A famous historical old-west rifle with a famous old-Hollywood modification! This non-firing replica is an excellent rendition of a lever-action rifle that conquered the west, with working parts and real wood stock and foregrip. Weighs and feels like the real deal!

1873 Cavalry Style Old West Revolver Nickel Finish

This 1873 Cavalry Style replica revolver has a nickel finish with realistic features such as the ability to cock the gun, spin the chamber and pull the trigger just like the original guns

Old West Repeating Rifle

This Old West rifle features working lever action, metal butt plate, genuine wood stock, brass finish and gun blue parts.

1873 Cavalry Style Old West Revolver Black Finish

This is a non-firing replica of an 1873 Cavalry Style revolver that has a black finish and simulated ivory grips with an eagle. Comes with features like the ability to cock the gun, spin the chamber, and pull the trigger.

Frontier Axe

This distinct axe is perfect for throwing with its solid steel head and hardwood shaft.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Frontier Axe

I had to sharpen this after it came.  Classic design from about 800AD until just before WWI.  Everybody used this design because it works.  Added to my Longhunter kit.  Also, there was no wedge at the head.  I added one.
Reviewed by: Michael, June 23, 2020

Review of: Old West Repeating Rifle

very nice would be better if it could be used as a real rifle
Reviewed by: Alexander, December 24, 2017

Review of: Caps with Dummy Shells

Really useful - should fit a couple of my .45s.  Looks like fun.
Reviewed by: Lowell, March 24, 2017

Review of: M1873 Single Action Buntline Special Revolver

The M1873 Single Action Buntline Special is finely crafted and a really nice replica.
I am very pleased with it and the service from Atlanta Cutlery. I would recommend
this particular piece to any replica gun and/or rifle collector. Very unique with the
12-inch long barrel. I am very pleased with the purchase and with Atlanta Cutlery.
Reviewed by: Stanley, September 26, 2016

Review of: 1873 Fast Draw Short Barrel Old West Revolver - Nickel and Gold Finish

i love it
Reviewed by: joseph, September 08, 2016