American Revolution Coins


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Minted in the USA, these exacting, museum quality replica coins look and feel like the real thing.  This historically important set features 11 different coins including State coins from Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut plus includes unique coins used at the time; the Continental dollar, MA Pine Tree copper, two bits, NH half penny and Spanish piece of eight.  A beautiful historic set that traces our history and shows the diversity of a country coming together.  A must for educators, collectors and history buffs.  Includes 2 sets, each includes a brief and fascinating origin of each coin in set.


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Colonial Replica Coins
This is an interesting set of American Colonial Coins. The package comes with two sets of coins. The first set dates from the Revolutionay period while the second set is post Revolution. Nice props for a reenactor or educator.
- Kyle, March 08, 2019 | Verified Purchase

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