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Assisted Opening Knives

Assisted opening knives are a category that is increasingly common for EDC, or everyday carry. They provide quick, one handed opening using either springs or a ball bearing pivot system. Spring assist knives have a spring-loaded mechanism mounted in the handle to propel the blade once the user has moved it past a certain angle. Ball bearing pivot systems uses caged ball bearings for an easy, smooth opening.

These differ from automatic or switchblade knives in that the blade is not released by means of a button or catch on the handle - the blade itself is the actuator. Most assisted openers use flippers also called triggers as their opening mechanism. Assisted opening knives can be as fast as or faster than automatic knives to deploy.

Another major benefit of this type of knife is its ability to be easily deployed with one hand, in some cases just one finger and is easy to operate in varying weather conditions, even with gloves on. This can be a real bonus in high stress situations for military and first responders like police, fire and EMS.

Blade and handle materials for open assist knives are the same as other folding knives so performance doesn’t suffer at all. Stainless steel blades and either plastic, aluminum or G-10 handle scales are prominent on assisted opening knives. To aid in carry most come with a pocket clip which allows easy access from any pocket or can be clipped to a pack or purse. Atlanta Cutlery (ACC) carries a variety of styles from manufacturers like Kershaw, Elk Ridge, M Tech and Tac Force.

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Boker Magnum Rogue

This assisted opening pocket knife has a 440A stainless steel blade that is partially coated, creating a striking two-tone finish. The blade has an integral flipper extension for easy one-handed opening.

Slim and Ready

Handsomely proportioned for pocket or belt/external carry, this Wartech knife has a wear resistant 3CR13 stainless steel blade and a heavy-duty frame lock design. The handle is grooved to help provide a better grip.

Wartech Stubby Tanto Folder

This assisted opening liner lock is wear resistant 3CR13 stainless steel with a tanto point blade. Features ambidextrous thumb studs and a removable pocket/belt clip, this pocket knife is entirely stonewashed for a non-reflective finish.

Wartech Rainbow Folder

Strong and beautiful! The rainbow blade of this pocket knife is wear-resistant 3CR13 stainless steel. This assisted opening, liner lock knife has a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter with ambidextrous thumb studs and a removable pocket/belt clip.

Wartech Skull Folder with Stonewash Finish

This assisted opening frame lock pocket knife is stonewashed with a raised half skull on an abstract American flag on the grip. The wear-resistant 3CR13 stainless steel blade is cleaver shaped. Ambidextrous thumb studs and removable pocket/belt clip.

Wartech Ring Folder

This assisted opening ring folder has a modified 3CR13 stainless steel tanto blade and Karambit style handle with a finger ring. Features frame lock construction with ambidextrous thumb studs, integral flipper, and removable pocket/belt clip.

Buckshot Folder

This assisted opening liner lock is a great EDC companion with its stout blade.

Folder of the Shogun Assisted Opening Knife

The Shogun mask print on one side of this Asian inspired EDC assisted opening knife is handsome and demonic at the same time.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Folding Cleaver Knife

Love the cleaver knife, always wanted 1, but where always overpriced.  And not of this quality
Reviewed by: Aaron, July 13, 2021

Review of: Roper Outlaw Assisted Opening Knife

If you have only one knife clipped to your pocket, yet you must deal with rope, burlap, paper, cardboard, plastic and perhaps an apple, and it cannot be so big or too specialized or scary to others, then this classic, handsome piece is for you. Traditional, yet elegant zebra wood handle scales, smooth lever flip open, and a discrete lanyard hole, along with an easy to clean open interior complete the picture. The partial serrations on the D-2 steel blade offer needed options. A find!
Reviewed by: Janice, November 07, 2020

Review of: Roper Outlaw Assisted Opening Knife

sharp, compact
Reviewed by: Mikhail, August 03, 2020

Review of: Kershaw Grinder Folding Pocket Knife

Someone stole my Kershaw assisted opening knife years ago & this is the replacement.  Great knife.  You can't beat the quality.
Reviewed by: Michael, June 17, 2020

Review of: Kershaw Scallion Folding Knife

I have carried the Scallion in my pocket every single day since 2006. I use it for everything from cutting open boxes, to eating needs, and I even use it for anxiety relief (like a fidget spinner). It has never failed.  I am on my third one now. The first, just as you see in the picture, was dropped into a shipping container and shipped to  Taiwan. The second, had a serrated back half of the blade. I still have it, but the belt clip screws came loose and the spring assist started to fail after years of use. My third now has a bent tip and a weak spring assist. I swear by this knife,  I write this review because it’s a great product, but I didn’t pay $82.9’7 for all three, and I fail to see why this costs that much.
Reviewed by: Nicholas, February 19, 2020

Review of: MTech Clipper Pocket Knife

Sheepsfoot type mostly-straight blade is easy to sharpen. Modern design looks great. Ball bearing hinge is so smooth you don't need assisted opening. The handle is sized just right for adult hands, not too short or too bulky, and with a confident grip. Construction looks solid and I have high hopes that it will last. Thanks for carrying such a quality product at very accessible price.
Reviewed by: Sean, November 11, 2018