Tac Force

Tac Force

  • Alien Folder

    Tac Force

    Alien Folder

    # 403913

    This Alien Folder by Tac-Force features fast assisted opening with a liner lock. Handle incorporates a glass breaker and bottle opener. Includes pocket clip.  Tac-Force knives feature super-fast...
  • Bombs Away Folding Knife

    Tac Force

    Bombs Away Folding Knife

    # 404592

    Put the kibosh on your everyday small cutting chores with this little assisted opening folder that's just the bomb. The menacing, growling shark-like face decals resemble the art fighter pilots use...
  • Dark Breeze Rainbow Folder

    Tac Force

    Dark Breeze Rainbow Folder

    # 404593

    This spring assisted fantasy pocket knife has a blade that resembles a dragon's face if you use your imagination, and the wavy contours in the metal scales subtly suggest leathery wings. Liner lock...
  • Desert Digital Karambit

    Tac Force

    Desert Digital Karambit

    # 403586

    This karambit is built for tactical function and it features an assisted opening blade for super fast deployment in the field.  Tac-Force knives: We all could use a little tactical assistance...
  • Eagle Folder

    Tac Force

    Eagle Folder

    # 404195

    This assisted opening, liner lock folding knife from Tac Force has wood scales and an eagle etch on one side and black pocket clip.  This assisted opening folding knife from Tac-Force has hand...
  • Midnight Ops Tanto

    Tac Force

    Midnight Ops Tanto

    # 404292

    This assisted opening folding knife has a Tanto blade with deep blue finish and aluminum scales.  This Tac Force Midnight Ops knife has a tanto blade with assisted opening. Pocket clip has skull...
  • Police Rescue Knife

    Tac Force

    Police Rescue Knife

    # 403624

    This urban rescue knife features a stainless steel blade with fast assisted opening mechanism, glass breaker end and belt cutter.  This Police Rescue Knife offers good looks, comfort and...
  • Purple Dragon Strike Rescue Folder

    Tac Force

    Purple Dragon Strike Rescue Folder

    # 403652

    This multi tool stainless steel folder by Tac Force is an assisted opening knife with aluminium scales. Features a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker. Includes pocket clip. Overall 6 inches...
  • Spider Bite Rescue Folder

    Tac Force

    Spider Bite Rescue Folder

    # 404594

    A dramatically portrayed arachnid descends from its web toward...that's for you to decide! This EDC folder is a striking way to put a bite in your day. This spring assisted folder features a half...
  • Stealth Stiletto

    Tac Force

    Stealth Stiletto

    # 404591

    The all black finish on this classic stiletto may be stealthy, but the size sure gets attention! This "rib tickler" is over a foot long when fully open, an impressive sight guaranteed to shock your...
  • Tactical Neck Knife

    Tac Force

    Tactical Neck Knife

    # 404700

    This wicked-looking little emergency knife securely hangs like a pendant, thanks to the molded Kydex sheath that snugly holds it in place. The full tang, single-edge blade is ground for a strong...

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