Axe Throwing – A Stress Buster?

Axe throwing as an activity is a stress buster. For real. Of course, there are other good and more traditional coping mechanisms for stress, such as massages and the shrink’s couch.  But, if you want a fun way to get rid of the pain in the neck, head and back that has been sticking to you like a leech, try throwing axes. Not at people, but at a wooden target. It’s a popular trend and has therapeutic characteristics. 

Throw an axe, relieve tension

Axe throwing is done in a safe environment where there is no pressure to stand out. Whatever competition you encounter is friendly and you can expect encouragement and indulge in fun banter. With no need to prove yourself, you are more likely to just let loose. This means, each time you hurl an axe you do so with freedom and without fear of judgment; consequently, you throw away a part of the stress. How cool is that? If you are not a natural, don’t worry. There are guides to tutor you on proper throwing techniques and also general safety so you don’t land the thing on anybody. Further, axe throwing is not restricted by stipulations. You can be of any gender, young or old, and the activity does not require world-class cardio. Also, there is nothing intimidating about the axe. It weighs about a pound and made in such a way that it can be handled easily.  

This activity combines physical, mental and emotional elements in a setting of like-minded people. By using your arms and your legs to throw the axe in a fluid motion, you are undertaking a form of physical exercise. Your mind also gets a workout when you are trying to focus on the target. Also, you can challenge yourself and improve skill by throwing from different distances and angles, which will give you a sense of accomplishment as you get better at it. 

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12/28/2018 12:32 AM
It is really fun to throw knives and axes.  I can attest to it relieving stress.