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Bayonet for M-1878 no scabbard

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This bayonet fits the Short Lever Martini Henry Infantry Rifle.  In 1878, the Francotte patent Martini System was granted utilizing a detachable mechanism fitted without the cocking indicator. Revolutionary at the time by compartmentalizing the mechanism for quick disassembly, it only lasted 10 years as the latest technology. It was replaced in 1888 with the .303 caliber Lee Metford bolt action rifle’s introduction into the British Military System. Although this European improvement was never embraced by the British, these "improved system rifles” saw much service on frontiers all over the World. The Martini Short Lever Rifle saw tremendous and valiant service in the British Army worldwide.  It's most famous appearance was in the Zulu Wars of 1879, memorialized in Hollywood epic movies and countless books and articles over the years.


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Write a Review
The bayonet I received did not fit 1878, Francotte. I needed to bore out bracket to fit M-1878 that I had puchased at the same time.
Payed the $10.00 extra for hand selected to find that the one I got has a creak in the shoulder between bracket and blade about .33% of the way though the shoulder.
- Kenneth, July 13, 2010
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The bayonet had a light coat of grease, no pitting on any sectional areas, no nicks on edges, no stamps or markings, not bent and the socket was fine. Remarkably very fine condition. Will take about 1 hour to clean & polish.  Great value.  Thanks AC!  C. GREEN
- Charles, July 08, 2010 | Verified Purchase
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