Blade Show in Atlanta- a memorable event!

A Huge Thank You! To everyone that was able to attend the recent Blade Show in Atlanta. Wow, the custom knives and sheer volume of manufacturers was overwhelming. From knife making machines and supplies to finished knives and swords plus forging gear, it was literally all here. Seriously, if you love knives of any kind, or even just like them and are curious this is the show to be at. If you don't want a knife after this or didn't find that rare handle material for your next project you don't have a pulse and that material may not exist.

So how do you stand out at a show with so much to offer? Not an easy task, but one we were up to. Our booth had one-of-a-kind antique kukri's from the Nepalese Royal Palace Armoury, some over 150 years old. These were the source for all kukri designs today. You could truly hold history in your hand. In addition to that we had fully functional sword canes which were a hit (and sold out) and its not too much of a stretch to say we had the best value in a high end folder at the show- our Cobra Steel, D2 tool steel with ball bearing pivot liner locks.

You can count on some really good guests at a show like this also. We saw our friends Shuki Drai, an amazing Israeli self defense instructor to government and police agencies ( Ron Balicki (http:// master/ sifu-ron-balicki/ 54.html#ftab1), another martial arts master with ties to the movie industry and son-in-law of my old Sifu Dan Inosanto (yes, Bruce Lee's friend and training partner). Plus many makers from the series Forged in Fire. Oddly what may have stood out the most to us were the U'koala hip bags. A USA company making award winning, cool bags that are used by motorcyclists, equestrian riders, electricians, gaffers and so on. They built a better mousetrap if you know what we mean and that's hard to do.

Again, we sincerely enjoyed seeing all of you that knew us and welcoming all that didn't. We hope to see you all next year!

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