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British Commando Sten Rear Pistol Grip



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Our high quality reproduction is made from blued steel. It was specifically designed for the Sten MK 2, Sten MK 3 and the Silenced Sten SMG models of the WWII weapon.  Just the accessory you need for your Sten display SMG.


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Write a Review
Material wise its a nicely made pistol grip.
Other than that everything goes downhill.
It doesnt fit a sten real well,
there is barely any space between the pistol grip and trigger guard
so you cant get a good grip on it.
I guess it would work fine for display, but if you are planning to do reenactments or airsoft i wouldnt suggest buying this, unless you are planning on doing quite alot of modifications to it to make it fit properly.
- Jakub, February 16, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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