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British Empire Gun Parts & Accessories

Complete your prized original with rare surplus and functional replicas that are made from them.

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British Musket Flints - 20 Pieces

These flints date from the Napoleonic Wars (1798-1815). For use with all period flintlock muskets, these British flints were made (knapped) to regulation pattern at Brandon in the county of Suffolk in England at the close of the 18th Century. Complete your original flintlock muskets with the original knapped flints. Order now while still available.

New Stock Brown Bess Musket

This new stock fits Brown Bess Muskets and is an excellent hardwood replacement stock for New Land pattern muskets. Brass hardware and trigger assembly included.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: P 1853 Enfield / Snider Leather Sling

Reviewed by: Robert, June 25, 2017

Review of: Reproduction P-1853 Enfield, P-1864 Snider Main Spring

good product ,roughly finished but will clean up nicely .i would recommend it , and i will most likely buy more .
Reviewed by: mark, December 19, 2016

Review of: Martini Henry Brass Oiler with Factory Markings

Very nice M-H rifle oiler bottle.  Great condition.  A little pricey but excellent condition and with marking as advertised.
Reviewed by: Ed, February 07, 2016

Review of: Reproduction Brown Bess Sling

A nice White authentic British regular rifle sling of Rev War style! But can be used from the 1770's-1860's era also on other militia rifles as well! My
living history association the DEOA Historical Association recommends these!
Reviewed by: Kevin, September 11, 2015

Review of: New Stock Brown Bess Musket

I bought a complete Brown Bess with original stock but original stock is unsalvageable due to age and storage conditions. So I ordered this replacement stock and I could not be more pleased. First was free shipping, second came with butt plate, side lock screw plate, trigger, Trigger guard, all three ram rod pipes, and nose cap. I compared them to originals and the brass parts are excellent copies. AC installed all this in a professional manor. They also included loose, side lock screws and front swivel. I tried barrel and side lock which need to be fitted as expected. The stock even has some curl. Stock was well packed with bubble rap and a card board gun sleeve inside. Thank you AC
Reviewed by: David, May 06, 2015

Review of: Martini Henry Brass Muzzle Cover #1

Hi William - We are sorry the cover did not fit.  It is designed to fit the Martini Henry and not the Francotte, but you can certainly send it back for a refund.
Reviewed by: Atlanta Cutlery Team, March 21, 2012