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British WWI Robbins of Dudley Fighting Knife


These are WWI close quarters fighting knives. The high carbon double edged blade is very sharp. Aluminium hilted, these knives were normally held with the blade pointed downward. Includes standard top-grain leather scabbard.


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During WWI the firm of Robbins of Dudley filled the “Tommy’s” need for easy to use in close quarters fighting knives. They made at least 10 different models and we’ve reproduced the 2 most popular versions. Designed for easy manufacture these knives were all private purchase by individual soldiers.

This aluminium hilted fighting knife was normally held with the blade pointed downward (this allowed for a very powerful and natural downward blow). The high carbon double edged blade is very sharp.

Includes standard top-grain leather scabbard sewn with waxed linen thread and brass hardware.

Cannot be shipped to CA or MA.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length10-3/4"
Blade Length6"
Weight8 oz
Materialhigh carbon steel


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Write a Review
Great Buy!
Very nice knife. I’ve never held an original so I can’t really compare but it feels nice,  and is very well made. Interesting knife in that it was meant to be held for downward stabbing. Sheath is very well made. Very quick delivery.
- Robert, September 02, 2022 | Verified Purchase
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Very Nice Copy
The knife is a pretty good copy.  It's not stamped "Robbins Dudley" on the handle and "Windlass - Made in India" is permanently etched on the ricasso but it's a nice quality blade.  The sheath is cheap and basically just a low quality covering to keep from cutting yourself.  Actually, that's impossible to cut yourself as the blade is unsharpened and wouldn't cut warm butter.  But for $60 it's not a bad deal.
- KURT, May 23, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Versatile Blade
This knife feels great in-hand and is designed to protect the knuckles with the blade in a downward position for the stab.  Solidly constructed, easy to keep sharp and a quality sheath, although perhaps not the most handly in modern respects, but accurate for WWI.  Great product.
- Derek, February 09, 2019
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A great war weapon from the Great War
I must tell you, while I'm satisfied with this purchase overall, I note that there was a review stating that the blade was sharp. It was not. Wicked point on it, but it took a while on my Ken Onion Worksharp, followed with a ceramic touch-up, before it was sharp, and that it would truly cut as a weapon.
I've found that Windlass Steel items I have acquired are outstandingly sharp, but on two items (including this one), they missed the grade. I consider them "one-offs", and I'll continue to purchase Windlass Steel products. As I  said, I'm quite satisfied, and sharpening one's knives is an ongoing process, isn't it?
- Dennis, January 24, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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British WW 1 Robbins of Dudley Fighting Knife
This blade completes the set, last month I puchesed the other WW i Robbins push dagger trench knife, Very happy. Although the sheaths take some time to fully hold the blde ,it does adjust. If I had to wear this I would leave off the strap that holds the knive as it loops through the handles of both these Fine Knives, Overall, A Great Knive, Thaks ya'll !
- John, August 05, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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I really like the Robbins Dudley push dagger that I bought first, but I love this dagger. It's beautiful, and rounds out the set. The old OSS weapons had so much more character  than most of the modern stuff. These are pretty faithful. I'm glad you carry them. Thanks, Al.
- Albert, June 26, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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I got this knife as a gift and like it very much. The handle is solid cast aluminum and the blade appears to be top quality steel. The sheath is as good as the rest of it, well put together. Windlass has outdone themselves yet again. The only drawback I can find is that the grip is just slightly too small. As I do not anticipate going over the top to fight the Huns this isn't really a problem for me.
- Lloyd, November 23, 2012
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I found this knife here early January and just got it today. I must have been one of the first to buy this product due to the extremely long backorder, they must have still been in production.  However, I am very pleased with this knife.

If you are looking for a good quality "knuckle duster" trench knife this is a great choice.  It is very light and solid, unlike some of the $10 versions found on discount sites.  The grip is snug yet comfortable when held in the blade down position.  There is plenty of room for your fingers to not be smashed against the guard when used for punching.  I just punched a tree with medium force and felt no discomfort.  The lack of a "skull crusher" makes it perfect for using your other hand to thrust the blade.

The blade downward position is what this knife seems to be built for.  Using it blade up is uncomfortable and very tight against my forefinger and middle finger.
Also, if you have large hands I wouldn't suggest this knife as it may be too tight.  My hands are average sized so it fits great.  I wear medium to large sized work gloves.

The one aspect I really don't like is the sheath. It is attractive and well made with good quality leather, but fits poorly.  The blade it too tight in the space left open requiring considerable force to fully insert it. Also, when removing the blade form your belt it take too much time and catches, bringing the sheath with it.  I honestly think they should remake the sheath with a little more room.  As it is I plan to either make a new one or try to buy one to fit better.

Overall this knife is a great buy.  I gave it 4 stars for the quality of the blade alone, but would deduct a star for the sheath.  Buy this if you want a usable and durable knuckle duster knife for defense or as a collectible.  
- Josh, April 05, 2011
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