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CAS Hanwei

The Hanwei Logo

With the purchase of C.A.S. Iberia, Inc by Paul Chen in the summer of 2006 a new collaboration was formed; CAS Hanwei, Inc. To commemorate this event it was decided a logo would be created jointly by the team of artists based in China and the United States. The result is the epitome of East meets West.

The outer portion of the logo bearing the CAS Hanwei name is a traditional European belt crest, symbolizing the strong ties to the medieval European west which provides inspiration for our work. The belt terminates in a double "V" pattern, a symbol closely tied to prosperity in the east.

The Chinese dragon at center is a powerful symbol of good fortune. His long whiskers represent an older dragon and, consequently, his great wisdom. The four arms form a square of stability. The dragon bears a classic symbol of western medieval arms in his mouth; a single hand broad sword.

CAS/Hanwei warranty

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Tiger Katana

Ferocious like its namesake animal, the Tiger Katana from Hanwei has been brought back into production by Paul Chen / Hanwei with the same folded steel as the original.

Raptor Tanto

This Raptor Tanto is part of a collection designed to the specifications of cutting master James Williams. Forged of 5160 high-carbon steel and specially heat treated.

Practical Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei

Like the name implies the Practical Katana is an economical cutting sword. Great for cutting practice or for those just starting their collection.

Practical Plus Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei

The Practical Katana Plus is much like its sibling in being an affordable, yet functional katana. The sunburst tsuba sets it apart.

Tori XL Katana

A blade built for serious martial artists, the Tori XL Katana shines as a piece from Hanwei’s Performance Series with slightly more blade than the Elite version.

Golden Oriole Wakizashi

Complete your Golden Oriole set with this beautiful wakizashi. Deeply lacquered blue saya stands out against the tsuba depicting a natural scene.

Golden Oriole Katana

Eye-catching and beautifully designed, the Golden Oriole katana is a perfect candidate to add to your collection. Deeply lacquered blue saya stands out against the tsuba depicting a scene of nature.