Citadel Trident Pocket Knife with Spalted Wood Handle

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This beautiful rustic folding knife has a unique handle made of spalted wood. "Spalting" refers to the dark lines in the wood that were created by fungi. Spalted wood has been highly prized by woodworkers, designers and architects for over 500 years (Renaissance craftsmen loved it). No need to worry about integrity, the fungi are no longer active and the wood has been resin stabilized. 
The blade is also spectacular; hand forged of high carbon steel, it is differentially tempered by the skilled smiths at Citadel, who also make high end Samurai swords. The unpolished part of the blade is left unground to show the blacksmith's hammer marks from the forging process.
In addition, the blade spine and backspring are artistically carved. Since each part of the knife is completely handmade, each knife will be different. This is a big folder, but thanks to the tapered handle, it won't take up much pocket room. Includes padded nylon case with embroidered Citadel logo. A highly collectible and useful custom knife.
  • Overall Length: 8" 
  • Blade Length: 3-1/4"
  • Blade Material: DNH7 High Carbon steel
  • Scales: Olive Wood handle
  • Wt: 4.5 oz.

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