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Coins of El Camino Real



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In the 18th century, Spain took physical occupation of their northernmost colony, California, to prevent other world powers from taking hold. Padre Junipero Serra led an expedition that established missions and forts along a 600 mile system called El Camino Real.

This set of coins includes historical replicas of Spanish silver pillar dollars.  The denomination of pillar dollars related to the English system; one real equaled one English shilling (or 12-1/2 US cents). This set includes 1 each of a 1 real, 2 reales, 4 reales and 8 reales coin.

Made in the USA and minted from originals, these high quality coins great are for collectors as well as re-enactors, students and teachers.
  • Set includes 4 "silver" Reales made of lead free pewter


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