Constant Care Will Maintain Your Gear!

Constant Care Will Maintain Your Gear!

Wield your wondrous LARP weapons to fight evil, rain or shine! However, after you've won, make it a point to clean your equipment! Similar to other props and costume pieces, LARP weapons of all sorts also require proper maintenance and management. It is imperative that you keep your collection maintained to ensure their durability and promote a longer lifespan. Here are some of the basic maintenance checkpoints to keep your goods intact and ready for use:

1. Always try to keep your LARP weapons flat on the surface, rather than standing them in a vertical position. If vertical storage is unavoidable, resting the boffer on the pommel will cause the least amount of damage.

2. Cover your completely dry latex piece with a cloth bag or sheet to avoid touching or making contact with other items. The lining ensures your weapon doesn't stick to any unwanted surface.

3. When dirty, make sure to wipe the latex of your LARP weapon with a lightly dampened cloth, before putting it down. Leave it out to dry for a bit and then it is ready to store!

4. Although LARP items are made for outdoor usage, they still need shelter to keep them in pristine condition. Especially the weapons made from latex and boffer material. Excess sunlight (UV rays) or moisture will cause the weapons to fade and dry rot. Do try to store your weapons in a dry place and out of direct sunlight.

5. If you somehow find your product punctured, cut or torn, you can buy a latex­ based adhesive and jot the foam back together. Remember to get yourself a sealant once the repair has dried off, that will ensure the repaired wound is sealed. It will keep your weapon waterproof, just like before.

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