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Copper Age Knife


This Copper Age Knife was inspired by a knife found with the "Iceman". Made with a few modern updates, it has a copper wire wrap and leather neck sheath.


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It appears early man knew a thing or two about knives. A knife similar to this was found with the earliest mummy unearthed in Europe.

This excellent little companion was inspired by the "Iceman" and has a few modern updates. The stainless steel blade has a rough forged finish, and hard wood handle with real copper wire wrap.  Includes leather neck sheath with adjustable thong.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length5-3/4"
Blade Length2-1/2"


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Write a Review
Great knife
Just remember that this knife was "inspired" by a find discovered on the Iceman. The knife found on the Iceman had a flint blade and it may not even have been a knife, but a fire starter All that aside, this is a great little knife. The rough forged blade is beautifully shaped and very sharp. The blade fits very tightly in the wooden handle and the the copper wire accents look great. The knife is the perfect size and shape. It could easily be used to dress game in the field and also for fine, detail work.
- Marty, June 13, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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