Downhome Hunter Knife


This Hunter Knife with full profile tang has Dymondwood composite scales. Comes with leather, frontier style, fold-over scabbard.

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Ever wish you had a knife that you didn’t have much money in and could just beat it up in the field and not really care too much if it was banged around in the process? You know, just use to pry or chop? Well, this could just be it. This knife is ground from a high carbon file with a good angle grind for easy resharpening. The scales on the full profile tang are Dymondwood. Comes with leather frontier style, fold-over scabbard that swallows most of the knife, making it very difficult to lose.

  • Overall: 9-1/2"
  • Blade: 4-3/4" long, 1-1/8" wide, nearly 1/4" thick
  • Wt: 9 oz



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Nice piece of steel!
Another nice product through Atlanta. The hadle is comfortable. The blade is rugged and sharp.It's well balanced with the large part of the weight in the blade. It came just as advertised. I'm very satisfied.
- Troy, July 12, 2019 | Verified Purchase
great all around knife
great heavy duty carry knife.  sharp.  will take a beating.  good knife for the price and well worth buying.  very good sheath of leather for this knife too.
- Richard, July 03, 2019 | Verified Purchase
Unusual and useful.
Excellent value.  A great utility knife that is at a great price point.
- Donald, January 24, 2019 | Verified Purchase
File Knife
Versatile knife. Like the file.
- Vaughn, December 21, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Good for the backpack
Just what I was looking for. Tough and sharp.
- Daniel, November 17, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Great buy!
Love the the knife.
For me, the way my hand fits the grip is PERFECT !
- John, October 02, 2018 | Verified Purchase
exactly as advertized and the sheath is well made with thick leather. better than expected
- john, August 20, 2017 | Verified Purchase
I owne all of the sawmill models and have bought some for friends one friend brought his by broken in half it broke when he was getting into his truck just to much pressure on the blade I guess, broke about an inch inside the handle hard to believe but it did . But it was interesting to see how it's constructed it's actually a sandwhicted blade I could not believe it but it is, this one just did not get hot enough to come together . I am a retired 74 year old Tool and Die guy I do know a little about steel and working it . This does not keep me from buying more as I just did these things happen in mass production mistakes are made things happen, but since I have bought quiet a few of these Sawmill blades I am comfortable with there quality in whole and for every day carry you can't find a more cost effective knife on the market and the sheaths are not bad either but I replace them with my own it's what us old farts do in retirement .
- Michael, July 28, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Good sturdy knife with nice weight and excellent quality for the price.  It arrived sharpened and I was surprised how solid the spine was, as well the overall feel in my hand.  The value of this utility knife for the price can't be beat.
- Eric, July 23, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Good solid camp knife that looks like it will stand up to years of hard use.  And for less than $20 - that's a bargain.  Great deal.
- , Guest user, July 08, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Quality of workmanship is very good.scales fit perfactly, Rugged all around knife/tool. Keep up the good work!
- Michael, June 02, 2017 | Verified Purchase
I buy them six at a time.  Can't beat the value.  They make great gifts.
- George, December 01, 2016 | Verified Purchase
Grateful to customer service for the extra effort getting this knife to me
Always skeptical of a 5 star rating (are their standards the same as mine)I was not disappointed an excellent knife and a quality sheath at any price will be at my side on every day of the hunting season from now on
- chris, April 03, 2016 | Verified Purchase
I have considered making a knife from a file for years and even attempted it once but found the steel too hard to work. I purchased this knife because of the low price and to see how it was done. I was really impressed with the nicely done hollow grind and the laminated handle. I was amazed at the quality of the knife and the great price. I still don't know how they did it, but I am impressed. Based on a quality to cost ratio, I don't think there is a better deal out there anywhere.
- Larry, February 09, 2016 | Verified Purchase
its everything i expected my boys where fighting over it
- jeff, February 08, 2016 | Verified Purchase
I bought one of these knives last year, and I like it, very much.  I have seen knives made from files in the past, which were just a bit too primitive, but, this is a very nice knife for this price point.  Overall, for a primitive, it is up there with the best.
- Sherwin, January 25, 2016 | Verified Purchase
Very good knife. Good heavy blade. Would recommend  this blade.
- Phillip, December 17, 2015 | Verified Purchase
Really nice knife. Had my eye on it for awhile. Wish I had bought it sooner.
- Aaron, September 18, 2015 | Verified Purchase
Very nice knife.
- Lee, June 05, 2015 | Verified Purchase
Exactly as advertised. There is nothing in a knife that can replace hi-carbon steel for an edge that lasts.
- Peter, March 12, 2015 | Verified Purchase
I just received the Down Home Hunter and am very impressed, it is indeed one heck of a chunk of steel. The knife is very sharp out of the box and the handle is tight and well fitted. I've been collecting knives since I was twelve years old, and I think this is the nicest knife I own. This knife will last a life time if properly cared for with a simple coat of oil to the blade. The sheath is a work of art, being sturdy and well made and compliments the knife. Buy this knife, buy several, you will not go wrong.
- Mark, March 03, 2015
I like the knife very much.  It's a handy tool.  Wish it was made in the USA.
- Dale, December 15, 2014
Loved mine so much I decided to buy one for each of my son's and the girl's husband.
- Harvey E, August 14, 2012 | Verified Purchase
I ordered this knife when it first was offered. Excellent quality, Used this last hunting season on 6 deer, 5 wild hogs, a few turkeys, countless squirrels and rabbits and it still did all of the tough camp and farm chores.... It sharpens beautifully, and buffs right back out to a nice shine.... I also found that it has an added bonus, on the back spine the manufacturers left the file intact so i have used it as a file to file out chips in my disk blades and axe blades while in the field and it makes amazing sparks from a fire steel...I will be ordering a  few more to put in my drawer in case one is lost or stolen, because I do not think I will ever wear it out or break it....  Thank you for an excellent knife at an excellent value....
- keven, April 01, 2011 | Verified Purchase
Had the style a year or so back and for just kicking it, I'll say "one tough blade" (duh)! It will certainly do what ever you might ask from it. My Grand Father had told of making these. Received the same couple years back. A happy camper I am. Makes for a good blade...rondo  
- Ronald, October 19, 2010 | Verified Purchase

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