Dune Crysknife - Official Licensed Replica

United Cutlery

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Offical, licensed replica of the Crysknife carried by Paul Atreides in the movie DUNE. Made from razor-sharp sandworm teeth collected in a Fremen rite of passage, the Crysknife is the traditional and sacred weapon of the desert warriors of Arakis. Directly copied from the movie prop, the ornate carved blade is etched with intricate glyphs and patterns. Expertly crafted of high-quality polyresin with precisely-molded details, rich coloring and a metallic finish on the handle. Comes with a stunning polystone wall display, which is sculpted in the form of the hawk sigil of House Atreides. Also includes certificate of authenticity.

  • Overall length:  19-1/4"
  • Material:  Hand painted polyresin