Expandable Batons – Underrated Self-Defense Tools

Easy to conceal, maneuver, and requires little skill to use. If you want a non-lethal self-defense weapon, there are few better options than the expandable baton. These self-defense tools are known by several names – telescopic batons, retractable batons, tactical batons, among others – and are used by police and military personnel to suppress crime around the world.  Typically made of metal, expandable batons offer several advantages. One of the main reasons for their popularity is that they offer the ability to strike from distance – the baton is like an extended arm. Self-defense batons also hit hard enough to stop and intimidate attackers.

The expandable baton is an impact tool that can be used to strike or block attacks. To open it to its full size, you have to flick the wrist quickly. To close the baton, slam it down on a hard surface, like a concrete. Grip the baton firmly but not too tight as relaxation makes it easier to maneuver the tool. Of course, you do not want to fatally wound an attacker; the baton is there to scare them off or make time to flee the danger. The virtues of the expandable baton are not limited to self-defense.  It can also be used to break windows and glass in emergency situations or pry open doors to vehicles or structures.

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